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Top 5 Essential Sustainable Swaps & The Truthbrush Giveaway

Sustainable products are a fast-growing market as we are getting more and more understanding of the importance to make these swaps into our routines we are feeling prepared to make these swaps without the fuss. But where to start? If you want to make small adjustments rather than drop everything all at once then that's ok. Any change you make no matter how small can make a huge difference and we all have to start somewhere.

There is currently a lot on the market for sustainable swaps so if you are ready to make changes to your every day then here are 5 essential products we recommend as the best place to start. We have been bringing you a dedicated blog each month to help you on your way to living more sustainably, you can find our 'Switch' blogs over on the website or you can follow the links are at the end.


Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are essential for storing your food and are to be used instead of Tupperware and clingfilm. They are not only great for keeping food and leftovers fresh and protected but also works for your everyday lunches and they look super cute.


Drinks Bottle

We drink a lot each day and there is no need to buy a bottle every time you want to quench that thirst. Carrying a water bottle every day encourages you to drink more and it's great for on the go. As well as water bottles, replace your takeaway coffee cup with a reusable one, most cafes and chains are on board and will even offer you a discount if you reuse your own.



Plastic straws have almost completely vanished and it shows what positive impacts e can have if we all work together. It doesn't mean you have to give up straws though, there are the bamboo disposable and metal reusable alternatives that you can keep in your bag.


Shopping Bag

The introduction of the 5p bags really did make a huge difference. We now take reusable shopping bags wherever we go and they are much stronger for carrying your groceries than plastic anyway so there is no negative to making this swap.



The bathroom is full of single-use plastic and over a billion toothbrushes are thrown out each year which is a shocking statistic but you don't have to contribute to that. Bamboo toothbrushes have a biodegradable handle and are a brilliant vegan and eco-friendly swap that you can easily make. As well as brushes you can even change your usual toothpaste tube for tablets that foam in your mouth instead. The Truthbrush has all your dental care needs made sustainably and that's why we loved them.

We have partnered exclusively with The Truthbrush to offer readers a 10% discount on any orders placed (excluding subscriptions as this is already discounted) using the discount code: TLG. We are also excited to be giving away an amazing prize courtesy of The Truthbrush. You can get your hands on their iconic bamboo toothbrush & a packet of toothpaste tablets for an upgrade to your dental routine. To enter the competition, keep an eye out on our Instagram page for the details.


Want more sustainable swaps? Check out our 'Switch' blogs and other posts over on the website.


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