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Switch Up Your Fitness - Sustainable Gymwear And Equipment

Burning calories is good, burning the environment is bad.....the end. Oh wait....

When it comes to fitness we are often using many products that are not ethically sourced BUT we've noticed the introduction of more sustainable materials being used like cork Yoga mats. YAAAS!

Due to the material used in sportswear, it is hard to find fully environmentally friendly items but when looking for your next gear try and find clothing that has been made from recycled materials, A HUGE step in the right direction.

BUT, there are lots of ways to be more sustainable within your fitness environment, from the snacks you consume to the equipment you use. If you are looking to create a home gym space then visit the Biofit website, Biofit is the worlds first organic gym equipment supplier where you can buy all sustainable equipment swaps and we thoroughly recommend checking them out.

Below you can find some of our top picks of equipment, accessories and clothing that are eco-friendly, made from recycled materials or vegan to make your fitness experience more sustainable.


Yoga Mats




Water Bottles






Gym Bag








Men's Sportswear


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