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Switch Up Your Fashion - The Rental Revolution

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Trends are hard to keep up with. Once you’ve saved up and spent all your wages on the latest look, the seasons changed and you're back to square one. We end up spending too much money on fast fashion, to wear it hardly ever and then throw it out. Sadly, a lot of fast fashion ends up in landfill, and not only this, the fashion industry is one of the biggest consumers of environment and biggest producers of carbon emissions. Although companies are hugely responsible, it is fuelled by the buyers themselves so it’s time for an urgent change, starting with our wardrobe. Let the guilt sink in, but don’t worry we are here to advise you on a sustainable future of fashion renting and wardrobe sharing.

When you have a big event coming up or just need something cute for your holiday, there is no need to buy something new and expensive. You can get the perfect item delivered to your door ready to wear and return guilt-free. It's only a tiny fraction of the cost to wear desirable designer brands and realistically once it’s featured on your Insta then it’s job is done. Why not send it back it for someone else to enjoy and look great in too. Let's make fashion circular.

We really can’t think of a negative behind the idea of renting fashion. So here are the best rental services right now in the UK. Bonus, they also take care of the boring stuff like cleaning and repairing, which we are happy to give up doing too. The LG are on a mission to promote a more sustainable shopping experience so you can look great without the environmental impact. We back the Rental Revolution!


List your wardrobe online and set your price. On a mission to democratise luxury and make fashion circular, Hurr is ‘The Wardrobe Rental Platform for The Modern Woman’. Hurr connects those with similar tastes and passions for shopping sustainably. No more limiting to raiding your best friends wardrobe, there's a whole platform to explore online. Find the Hurr pop-ups in Selfridges where you can rent some of the designers from the shop's own collections.


Devout is a fashion subscription box service, where you pay a £79 a month and can choose 5 items of your choice, whether that’s 5 coats or 2 tops, 2 jeans and a dress, it’s up to you. Keep up with the latest fashion and work with the season changes swapping your wardrobe at the end of each month for something new and exciting.


Members of the marketplace get access to exclusive garments from the super stylish all for a mere fraction of the price of owning the originals. They even offer great discounts if you do fall in love with something and decide to buy instead, making it a staple for the long-run. You can also dress up the kids, we know how fast they grow and how expensive keeping them in designer wear can be, so we are grateful for MWHQ, saving the day and our purses.


Rotate your wardrobe with the By Rotation App. We find ourselves scrolling through the app more than are social media, it's addictive and free of guilt. Not only can you rent amazing designer bags and clothes you can also make money yourself by digging out some unused clobber from the back of our wardrobe. You never know, your once loved item could be someones next.


Designer bag heaven and they can all be yours. We never thought this could be possible. Get access to your dream bags with this amazing monthly membership, you can even swap bags and use them for up to 6 months should you absolutely love it. Browse the fabulous collection and make your choice, be adventurous now you have the opportunity. Cocoon have their own repair service so the bags are also kept in tip-top condition and you can wear it with pride and not worry about a thing.


The Endless Wardrobe is a unique service as it owns all the items that they rent out, rather than you borrowing from someone else’s wardrobe. Therefore you can guarantee a top tier condition and that dress you love is available in your size and rather than just a one-off.


No more contributing to fashion waste, with Onloan you can explore new trends and styles without the environmental impact or the commitment on price. Another monthly subscription where you can rent either 2 or 4 of your desired items, yours to wear to your heart’s content before returning. Onloan will choose and recommend items for you as it learns your preferences and style so you'll have your very own designer-curated wardrobe.


Goodbye throwaway fashion, hello Rotaro. Helping you put together styles that suit you, so you look amazing always. They make it super easy for you to find what you didn't know you were looking for. The styles and edits are fresh and the company even source from clothing brands that are sustainable too.


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