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Switch It Up! Bam&Boo Oral Care!

At the Bam&Boo they believe that even the smallest things deserve to be rethought and that small actions can actually make a difference.

Just like that, in 2017, The Bam&Boo Toothbrush was born. A sustainable toothbrush with a bamboo handle and eco-friendly packaging.

During the last couple of years, their family and portfolio have been constantly growing with the introduction of new products focusing mainly on oral care. The main goal still remains, bringing social and eco-responsibility to all of their beloved customers!

In October 2020, the Bam&Boo Natural Toothpaste was launched and is now considered one of the most innovative and differentiative products! A Total Action toothpaste that will help prevent cavities and plaque while removing stains for whiter teeth and a unique sensation of a fresh and healthy breath.

The Good Stuff

Aluminium packaging

Formula with 100% natural ingredients. Certified by Natrue®

Free from animal ingredients

Free from animal testing

Registered with The Vegan Society®

1st Climate Neutral Toothpaste by Climate Partner


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