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Switch It! Everyday Items That Are Better For The Environment & Better For Your Pocket

Over time, there are more and more inventive product alternatives being produced, that we never could have imagined possible before, such as toilet roll (we know it’s not for everyone). There are however plenty of other options available on the market to make those sustainable swaps. Whatever you feel comfortable to change you can swap to better your living and the more you get used to it and it becomes a part of your routine you won’t think twice. Take the small leap to a positive future.

Making these every day switches can save so much money in the long run. Swapping to reusable and refillable items instead can save on regular spending and cut down on wastage. Some reusable items even cost the same or less as the non-versions, so don’t let the expectation of higher price to pay at first put you off, as you also won’t need to replace them as often, if at all. Mostly made from organic and sustainable materials that can be broken down, which are so much better for the environment so there is no harm in trying your bit and living with the planet in mind.

Here are our general everyday items that you can switch up to save money and live an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Goodbye unnecessary plastic wraps such as cling film and food storage packaging. Natural beeswax wraps take their place and are perfect for lunchboxes and storing food, keeping things fresh and safe. The material is 100% made from natural eco-friendly ingredients including cotton, oils and beeswax, and is washable, reusable and biodegradable. It works just like cling film and is able to create a seal when used to protect food in bowls. Bonus that they also come in super cute patterns too.


By now, it is likely rare that you pick up a new bag for your shopping from the supermarket till. At home, we have a wide collection of reusable plastic bags however at some point they do need replacing and end up in landfill anyway. Cotton mesh bags are the perfect shopping companion. They protect food especially fruit and veg and carry much more weight than a usual plastic bag.


The trusty travel mug. Your daily coffee needn't be harming the earth. Most cafe chains are happy to fill up your mug and some even offer an incentive and discount if you bring your own so no need to sacrifice on the great coffee just the cup it comes in.


Also used for keeping food fresh and making for easier storage by keeping contents safe and secure. This 6 piece silicone lid set comes in different sizes and is suitable for microwave cooking as well as storing in the fridge/freezer. Cover anything from half use fruit to pan-sized leftovers.


This essential washing-up brush gets the dishes clean while keeping the environment clean too. The changeable head means you don't have to discard of the whole thing each time it's ready to be replaced. The plastic-free handle and plant-based bristles are both responsibly sourced materials.


We find ourselves running out of the few reusable pads we own way too often, but skincare favourites, Cowshed, have a whopping 14 pads for £16 which should last much longer. Throw them in your usual clothes wash and they are ready to use again without the daily disposable waste.


Humble Toothbrushes - From £2.99

The environmentally friendly humble toothbrush, the only thing to worry about here is what colour to choose. The handle is made from biodegradable bamboo, the bristles are Nylon 6 and even the packaging it comes in is recyclable. All this and it still lasts just as long as a regular toothbrush.


Reusable Toilet Paper - from £1.50

The zero-waste eco-friendly loo roll, there is a lot of curiosity and speculation but it’s got to be worth a try right? Eventually, we are going to have to take further action when it comes to controlling our consumption of products, so why not sooner rather than later. It will help prevent mass amounts of deforestation and also save the family loads of money and if we have another pandemic there would be no need to stress about running out of loo roll with this indefinite wipe.


Jungle Culture razors are plastic-free and made fully from chrome, so easier to recycle rather than the usual a multi-material product that can’t be. The zero-waste swap is different from the bamboo options but still reduces your carbon footprint and they work a lot better and are safer than standard razors. It is an investment but still more cost-effective than a premium brand.


The latest edition to our every day, the face mask. We see most people sport the medical-style ones that are to be only worn once, then discarded unable to be recycled. We think you should take this opportunity to showcase your style and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate spotting a funky print mask around the supermarket. The added bonus is you stick them in the wash and reuse them again and again. Go on, go for it!


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