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Best Things To Do This December

So here we are, December already. The very last month of 2020 and we sure are pleased to be wishing farewell to this year. We have every hope that 2021 is going to be a positive and exciting year for us all. With a vaccine on its way and with us finally being allowed out again, we have huge predictions for next summers social life it's going to be big and full of fun and laughter and we will all hugely appreciate it. We can't wait. But for now, we see the end of the year very differently to our usual past Christmas festivities. We stay indoors where it's warmer anyway and make the most of the calm whilst dreaming of all the future plans we have.

As lockdown is coming to an end and we roll in the tiers this week, there are some areas that are doing better than others but this doesn't mean those in higher tiers have to stop having fun altogether. Just like November, there are plenty of things to do virtually but we will now also see the comeback of some theatres and events ready to entertain and lift your Christmas spirits.

Here is a rundown of things you can do this month before we head into 2021! See you all on the other side!


Excitingly, there are plenty of pop-ups still taking place this year across the UK. With lots of light trails and festivals including our favourite Christmas at Kew. You can also visit the Back Yard Cinema, Hogwarts or ZSL where they are fully in the swing of things to help you get in the Christmas mood this December.


5 Virtual Gigs To See

Our favourite bands and artists across the globe perform for us in our living room! A unique and exciting viewing experience from the comfort of your own home giving you access to the biggest performers virtually until you can get back out there and see them live again. From Liam Gallagher performing along the Thames to Gorillaz putting on a spectacle, all available by live stream.


The Original Bus Tour is a fabulous sightseeing activity to do this Christmas. They have their usual tours as well as more seasonal such as their Winter Bar Bus. Head to London for a magical day out and see some amazing sights all lit up beautifully in their Christmas decor.


Some of the most iconic UK locations open up temporary ice rinks in their amazing grounds for you to glide along in awe at the surroundings. Warwick Castle lights up beautifully as you skate along in the moat and the Queen's House in Greenwich is something rather amazing too, overlooking the Thames all the way to Canary Wharf.


A Christmas must-do. The Pantomime is a famously known Christmas tradition and the UK has gone wild with shows this year, check out our extensive list of what's on across the country as we are pleased to see so many still going ahead.


Explore the lights by foot or tube, London is well known for some of the most famous displays in the world. Be amazed and dazzled by the sparkling lights there are this year and many with an important message.


Santa is still coming to town, yay! He is keeping extra busy this year because, as you know, absolutely no one will be on the 2020 naughty list. There are plenty of Grottos to visit in advance of the big day including Virtual Father Christmas if you are staying indoors.


Get crafty with many virtual craft fairs taking place, perfectly in time for you to make homemade Christmas gifts for the friends and family. Earlier this year we highlighted some of the fantastic fairs launched for lockdown in our blog, with many of our recommendations hosting new dates this December including the Quarantine Craft Fair and SoLo Craft Fair and for more on homemade gifts check out our budget-friendly Christmas blog here.


It's not going to be all bad. There is sure to be something to do but this year is all about the last-minute plans as with so much uncertainty its almost impossible to plan ahead. Smaller more intimate affairs are likely, so group together with your bubble/s and household and have a big night in. Order a takeaway, DIY Food Box or one of the many Cocktail Home Kits that have been oh so popular this year and really make a thing of it. We all have to wish a lot harder come midnight as we head on to the new year of 2021.


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