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Make The Most Of Your New Years Eve

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Well, we are still unsure what tomorrow holds let alone the end of the month so we shall try our best to stay optimistic and ready for a last-minute plan to come to life but in the meantime, we shall make other arrangements so that we have something to look forward to regardless. We keep telling and reminding ourselves that often NYE is overrated, overpriced and underwhelming but we really are sad to be missing out. With the flexible Christmas 5 days exemption ending on the 27th, we will head back to our own households. Though we are not going to dwell on it and instead will be making the most of the situation with a Big Night In, enjoying bubbles with our bubble.

Here are some ways you can make the most of it too, minus the expensive taxis and extortionate costing drinks!



If the party is staying indoors, you may as well go crazy with the decor, you still need that photo opportunity right? Creating a photo wall can be super easy, get a plain background either a bed sheet, maybe you already have a funky wall in your house or we love this metallic fringed one which comes in so many different colours! Then, get the balloons at the ready, either 2021, Happy New Year or maybe a celebratory send-off to 2020, with these 'Bye Felicia' Balloons.


Get baking

Host a mini Bake-Off with your household and see who can make the best most delicious cake. Decorate them with lots of sparkles to be sure to lift the mood and make sure there is plenty of sweet flavours. Then sit on the sofa with a bottle fo wine and finish them all off.


Get Your Kit On

We dearly missed our favourite bars and restaurants but they came to our rescue by delivering fabulous boxes containing their secret ingredients and recipes for us to attempt and make at home. It has been a lot of fun and made us feel like we were not missing out too much. the Stay-at-Home kits have ranged from DIY Food Parcels to Cocktail Shaking and these could all be a perfect addition to your NYE. Head to Restaurant Kits to find a low down of the best around and for drinks try Coalescene Club for their Shake-At-Home sets or Cocktail Delivery to get the party started.


Have a Boogie

Put on your favourite party playlist and dance the night away. Be sure to dress up for the occasion as you no longer need to leave the house for an excuse to put on something glam and make sure to wear excessive amounts of glitter. You can drink and sing and be merry in the comfort of your own home with only metres between you and your bed when its finally time to hit the sack.


Host a Zoom Party

If you will still miss your friends too much then get together for a fabulous Zoom party, host your own disco with these fabulous party lights and pretend you are all back together. See in the countdown together with lots of virtual air hugs and kisses all round.


Have a Games Night

Either with you bubble or via zoom. Get some of the classics out or try something new. Try out Soundlicious and Throw Throw Burrito or for virtually you can do an escape room or organise a game of bingo with these personalisable online bingo cards.


Book a Night Away

Some locations are still open for business, so if you are bored of seeing the same walls in your house then book a night away to celebrate in a hotel room or a cabin somewhere nice for a change of scenery. With so many UK destinations, Village Hotels has plenty of options for your last-minute trip away or for something more luxurious try one of the MacDonald Hotels.


Watch Virtual Countdowns

London, Edinburgh, Dublin and many other UK cities annual events are cancelled but some other countries will be going ahead. Sydney is currently planning things as usual and it will be available to watch live on youtube, although a bit early for us Brits as of time differences but worth a watch as it is always a spectacle. Time Square in New York is another option and they are hosting their annual ball drop which marks midnight which will be taking place virtually this year.


See in The New Year

One of your neighbours is bound to be doing a mediocre fireworks display which you can watch. Head outside and take some sparklers with you. Make sure to write out your 2021 wishes in the night sky and as we are probably all wishing for very similar things they are bound to come true.

Happy New Year from The Lifestyle Guide!


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