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Love bites? Correction *Bites We LOVE!

Healthy snacks you say? I'm listening...

Here at The Lifestyle Guide, we are always on the lookout for delicious snacks to keep our bodies and minds well-fueled throughout our busy days and evenings. There always seems to be a little pang of guilt when we grab a cheeky snack because let's face it snacks are generally full of either salt or sugar and most times both which is not ideal for our health and waistlines. SO when we come across healthy alternatives we feel the great need to share our discoveries especially when they are new to the market and when there are dynamic businesswomen & entrepreneurs behind the brand it's really exciting for us to share their stories.

With all this said, we are delighted to introduce "Bites We Love" and the two women behind this delicious and healthy alternative to snacking! We had the opportunity to run through our "Quick Fire Q&A" with Liesbeth Gouwens, co-owner of Bites We Love so over to you Liesbeth!!


The Who?.... Could you give us a bit of background about yourself?

Hi, I’m Liesbeth Gouwens, co-owner of BitesWeLove, I’m married, mother of two daughters (17 and 15). They keep me grounded! I love to eat and cook. I have been cooking since I was 8 years old. And I love business, I’ve been advising companies on finance and strategy for years. It’s my goal to build a company of which I’m proud, proud of the products and the people and proud of the business we built.

The When & Why? When was your “ah-ha” moment that led you to start your business?

I was just keen to do it myself after years of consulting! And I realised the importance of good food after my father cured his type 2-diabetes by changing his diet in just a few months.

The What? What is the brand & product all about?

At BitesWeLove, we want to help people snack healthier by making snacks that you feel good about eating. It’s our way of shaking up the snack world, one bite at a time.

We found out that peas, beans and nuts are a perfect base to do this with and our Crunchy Peas have been a huge success.

The How? How have you created the product & what makes you different?

What makes us different is our three rules for creating products: Amazing taste: We make sure our bites are bursting with flavour, have the perfect crunch, and always satisfy your snacking cravings. No compromise, so it's never hard to choose the healthier option.

Healthy: We only use the best natural ingredients, and we make sure to keep fats, sugar and salt in check. Our products are non-HFSS (or Nutri-Score A, which we use in the Netherlands).

Vegan: Power to the plants! From nuts and fruit to peas and beans, our goodness comes from the ground. Our Crunchy Peas contain 60% less fat than regular (veg) crisps, they are a source of protein, high in fibre, super crunchy and packed with flavour.

The Where? Where do you see the business, and the brand, in terms of growth/expansion or product development over the next year or two? We are incredibly excited to have launched our Crunchy Peas into the UK market, and we are looking forward to growing our distribution here. Other than the UK, we’re looking at expanding our business in the rest of Europe and hopefully, the rest of the world will follow soon!

Distribution Channels - On-line ?... In store? You’ll find our product in Sainsbury’s stores at the “Taste of the Future” bay or online:

To see which Sainsbury’s stores, have a look here:

Now for the inside info...

How do you motivate yourself when you’re having a bad day?

When I have a bad day, I try to be kind to myself and take it easier.

Who is your inspiration?

My grandmother, a farmers' wife and mother of six children. Obviously working hard, but she was great fun to be around, and laughing out loud a lot.

What would be the single best piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Stay close to your passion, also in your professional life.

How do you celebrate a win or a successful pitch or a business win? Champagne (& crunchy peas)!

Best book / podcast recommendation for aspiring women entrepreneurs? The Lean Start Up, Eric Reis. A great way of thinking you absolutely need when you start a business.

And inspiration for life in general: The gift, Edith Eger.


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Alex patrik
Oct 11, 2022

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