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Christmas Bus Tours in London

The Original tour is one of the top sightseeing companies in London providing you with a unique way to see the city whilst avoiding the sometimes chaotic tubes or exhausting yourselves by foot. Double-decker buses are already iconic to the London landscapes and these are no different. The open-top buses give you spectacular views of the amazing attractions and sights that London is well-known for. Christmas brings even more excitement with themed tours for you, your friends and your family to all enjoy. Step aboard and be well looked after by your guide who will inform and entertain you through the tour and you will leave the bus rich with knowledge of exciting facts and stories of London to tell.

Here are our top tour from The Original Tour company for this season!


The best way to tick off your sightseeing list of London is on the Hop On Hop Off buses. You get to experience all the major attractions and landmarks in one day and the flexible ticket allows you to enjoy the sights at your own pace.


The Christmas lights in London are world famous with many iconic spectacles returning each year after warming the hearts of tourists and Londoners. In our recent blog post on London lights, we advised for you to take a leisurely stroll or ride the tube for your own light trail across the city however riding via open-top double-decker bus is the best way to do it. Drive through all the main sparkling streets including Oxford Street and be dazzled by their beauty. A bonus is that each ticket comes with a complimentary Santa's hat to keep you warm and fill you with Christmas joy.

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A classic and historic Great British town. Visit Windsor by bus and learn all about its rich history and heritage. Including the amazing Windsor Castle which was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century and has been home to many Kings and Queens ever since.


A great way to celebrate the festive season and a trip to enjoy with your partner or friends this Christmas. Ride through the city on this fully transformed bus kitted out with a rooftop bar for a unique and fun experience, just make sure you're sitting down to enjoy your drink. Cosy up with a mulled drink of some sort, sing along to your favourite Christmas songs and take in the views of the city in all its festive glory.


The Thames River Cruise, be sure to wrap up warm as it can get windy out there. By far the best way to see the city, it is hard to believe how many iconic attractions and sights lay on its river banks, you will not be disappointed. The cruise is an amazing perk to any 24-hour ticket bought from The Original Tour.


This tour is packed full of energy and excitement for both kids and parents. Christmas in London is magical and full of stories to tell getting everyone ready and in the festive spirit. There will be singing, dancing and a whole lot of joy to be had on this fun-filled tour of London.


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