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Nature Inspired Hotels

WHEN we can get away, why not really treat yourself to a hotel surrounded by nature! We've put together a small selection to give you an idea on what you can expect! Let's go!

Possibly the most famous hotel in the world. Marine Bay Sands towers over Singapore's Gardens of the Bay combining nature with architecture in this fascinating structure. Down the back of the building, the balconies are flooded with greenery giving you a sense of paradise right in the heart of the city.


This stunning tropical wonderland situated in the incredible Phuket, overlooking Kamala Village and the Andaman Sea. The rooms stand uniquely against the forest as if they are the tree themselves it is truly paradisical.


The igloos allow you to sleep right under the stars in this Icelandic landscape. Lucky visitors will get to experience the magical Northern Lights whilst laying in their cosy bed. Be fully immersed in the wildlife and surroundings whilst in the comfort of the bubble.


The peace and tranquillity of this hotel allow you to leave the world behind you as you relax in this remote part of Norway. You can stay in one of their rooms with landscape views or the bird houses, cabins up in the trees.


The incredible spheres in the trees of Canada mean you really are at one with nature. They make for a truly unique and memorable stayover experience that are suitable for all weather types.


At this stunningly located hotel is off the beaten path on the hillside where you can lay on a hammock whilst overlooking miles of rice fields in Bali. Here you can fully connect with your surrounding environments.


The treehouses are right in the Amazon Rainforest, where you will stay up to 75 feet off the jungle floor. See a wild safari from your window as you witness jungle life before your eyes.


This remarkable luxury hotel is built right into q quarry that is rick with wildlife above and below the water level. The unique hotel is striking from top to bottom, including its underwater bedrooms that host a rich array of sea life right by your bedroom window.


The caves are located in the city of Goreme which is full of character and beauty. Like something straight out of a fairy tale, the rooms are built into the caves and it is a must-see location.


The Whitepods sit upon the slopes in Switzerland blending in very well with the snow in their pure white structures. Inside the glass windows offer incredibly peaceful views of the mountains.


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