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The Last of the Summer

Summer has been different this year, we have found ourselves appreciating the outdoors a lot more and we have so far had some sensational weather. Social media is full of friends out paddleboarding and swarms of people have hit the beaches in record numbers. Bars and restaurants are maximising the use of there outdoor spaces and the government even pedestrianised some London streets so that they could use them for outdoor seating.

We may have spent more time outside than in so far this year and have found use for our bikini purchases after all. We have found massive appreciation of our UK soil and have opened our eyes to our usual disregarded surroundings to realise we actually have some beautiful scenery right here.

Let's continue to enjoy the ‘last of the summer’ doing some of our favourite old and new found activities in the wonderful outdoors before we go into the gloomier months of the year.

Here we highlight the best of the summer activities you can cram into the rest of August and your September and as always stay safe!


Open Air Pools

As they reopened before indoor pools we found ourselves hunting the best spots and realised we actually have some amazing pools worth visiting in the UK, they seem to be hidden everywhere from some amazing art-deco style to the ones that overlook the coast. Check out The Outdoor Swimming Society's page which is overflowing with information on The UK's best Lido's!


Beer Gardens

We feel at home in a Beer Garden. The larger ones have been the best hangouts already this summer as they were adequately able to adhere to social distancing guidelines making us feel safer. The UK has some spectacular spots full of atmosphere and happy customers and we know each year it’s the thing we look forward to doing most.


Boat Trips

With an extensive amount of scenic canals, lakes and rivers the best way to experience them is by boat. From guided tours to hiring your own canoe for two, exploring these wondrous waters is a great day out.


Extreme Sports

The UK has some of the best spots in the world for outdoor recreational sports, try your hand at abseiling or Go Ape. There are also some great activities to do on the water, if you’re a beginner or an expert there will be something new and fun for you to try.


Wild Swimming

We are going on a rather water themed post but summer really is the time to do this all and enjoy it while the weather is nice. There are fanatics online who have already found the best spots for you to swim in your local area that have been tried out and tested. From secluded lakes to waterfalls, you don’t have to book a flight to explore such wonders.



The UK is home to some rather stunning coastal spots and we love a trip to the seaside. It’s a must that we enjoy ice cream and fish & chips and potentially a dip if we are feeling brave. But it’s spending the day with family and friends that we love most and it always guarantees a good night sleep after. Check out our recent blog on Britains Best Beaches



Whether you have your own or not, cycling is accessible as ever now with most main cities having hire companies that you can rent a bike for as little as £1 an hour. Pick a starting point and you don’t necessarily even need a plan, you can explore areas that are a bit too far to walk to usually and you may find something rather picturesque on your way.


Safari /Animal Spotting

You can support one of our amazing zoos or animal parks by jumping in the car and going on a safari to see the big shots of the animal kingdom or you can take yourself on your own nature trail trying to spot one of our UK inhabitants. We are neighbours to herons, otters, bunnies and deer, get the binoculars out and let us know what you find.



Picnics have become even more extra than ever before. During lock down many companies propped up selling these luxury boxes of goodies and some established stately homes offer the hampers to enjoy in their own grounds. They come at a price but it’s so worth it or alternatively create your own with a mixture of nuts, fruit, savouries and juices all chilled and ready to enjoy in the garden or on one of your countryside adventures.


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