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The Last of the Lavender Fields for the 'gram!

A delight to the senses, a photographer's dreamy playground, a purple paradise... YES, you guessed right! we are talking about lavender fields and the best part? They are closer than you think!

Lavender has many benefits and uses from stress relief to cleansing and healing properties. Not to mention the heavenly scent used for essential oils, sleep sprays and aromatherapy treatments!

These fragrant fields are best seen in the summer months between June and September but some farms offer access for visitors all year round!

Catch the last of the fields before its too late!

Our personal favourite? Mayfield Lavender Farm.


This family run farm is based in the village of Faulkland (nine miles south of Bath) and open to visitors thought summer from May to September. There are over 20 varieties of lavender and more than 50,000 lavender plants. The rolling lavender fields are a real delight to the senses! Wander through taking in the colours, heavenly smell and photographing this breathtaking landscape.


Founded in 1932 this is England’s premier lavender field located in the west coast of Norfolk. With 100 acres of lavender under cultivation and housing the national collection of lavenders with over 100 different varieties, this is most definitely a must see attraction! You can also book a tour to visit and learn about the distillery and the process of distillation to make essential oils. End your visit with the herb garden at Caley Mill where you’ll find lavender hedges, chamomile lawns as well as different plants and herbs for at home remedies.


This farm is not only special due to it’s stunning 35 miles of lavender rows and spectacular views of the rural landscape but also because of it’s sunflowers due to bloom from mid – August onward. Not to mention the large wildflower area! There is also a museum housing a replica of "Perks & Llewellyn" a pharmacy well known in the 19th century for it’s lavender products.


Located in Surrey around 15 miles from Central London, this 25 acre lavender field was set up in 2006 and it’s gone from strength to strength since then.

Visitors are free to roam the perfumed purple rows, take photos and enjoy lavender inspired afternoon tea treats in the farm’s restaurant! You can also go on a bee safari featuring an introduction to beekeeping and taste fresh lavender honey.

Head to the shop on your way out and take some of that heavenly lavender scent home with you.


This award winning family farm is also the largest UK lavender farm at 130 acres and only accessible via pre booked guided tours which last around 1.5 hours where you’ll learn about the process of lavender production. You’ll be able to take stunning photos from the lavender viewing area or enjoy your very own own lavender picnic! Don’t forget to visit the lovely little farm shop – The Hop Shop - selling in house lavender products and decorative Hop Bines!


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