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Firework Food At Home...

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

The Lifestyle Guide has the ultimate firework food recipes for you to make and enjoy with your family and friends this year from the comfort of your home! So 5th November can still go off with a bang!


Double Decker Party Smores, By Tasty - Thanks USA!

This take on the classic s’ more will definitely be a crowd pleaser! 2 stacked layers of salty graham cracker, sweet marshmallow, rich chocolate with a surprise chocolate of your choice inside it’s the perfect sharer on bonfire night. A great one to get the kids involved with making too.

Now I know what you're thinking... "In the UK, there's no such thing as graham crackers"....well, the closest thing we get is the digestive biscuit a very fine alternative.


Sticky Cider Onion Hot Dogs, By BBC Good Food!

I couldn’t think of a better fitting hot dog recipe to accompany watching the fireworks burst in the sky. Your sausage of choice, topped with sticky cider caramelised onions in a brioche bun will certainly help satisfy your appetite.


Squash, Sage and Chestnut Rolls, By Jamie Oliver

These rolls are filled with the most autumnal ingredients imaginable, squash, sage and chestnut. An amazing option for any vegetarians to enjoy too! Try out this Jamie Oliver, I promise it won’t disappoint.


Homemade Toffee Apples, By BBC Good Food!

Homemade toffee apples are guaranteed to taste better than shop bought. What beats the crunch of a toffee apple on a crisp autumnal night? Super easy with minimal ingredients, just be extra careful around kids with the hot toffee.


Hasselback potatoes with gorgonzola and honey, By Jamie Oliver

Friends and family won’t be able to resist these mini crispy Hasselback potatoes, roasted with rosemary and honey and topped with crumbled gorgonzola. This recipe serves 12-14.


Vegan Pulled Pork, By Tasty

An amazing vegan option which is definitely not lacking in flavour and extremely similar in texture! You may not have thought you could transform the fruit into pulled pork, but keep watching this Tasty video and judge for yourself.


Toad in the hole, By Jamie Oliver

The most British classic, toad in the hole. Sausages surrounded in crispy Yorkshire pudding and to be topped off with your favourite gravy recipe, this isn’t a dish to be forgotten!


Fondue Bread Boat, By Tasty

Personally my two favourite things… bread and cheese, what is not to like? A great sharer to place in the middle of the table with an array of different options to dip into this irresistible fondue. Wait until the end of the video for some ideas!


Chilli Con Carne, By The Hairy Bikers

A great recipe from The Hairy Bikers, a simple, familiar and hearty meal. A great one to feed many mouths! Serve with salad, rice or anything of your choice, keep in mind that your carbs are in the beans already.


Spicy Squash Soup, By Jamie Oliver

Described as spicy, warming and wholesome this is a great dish to tuck into on a cold evening. Serve inside a pumpkin to make it a showstopper


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