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Best Hotel Rooms in the World

We’re coming to the end of the year of restricted travel and it’s got us in the mood more than ever to add to our bucket list of places to see! We have our top 10 hotel rooms we think is a must-see in your lifetime around the world...


Atlantis Sanya - Hainan Island, China

Be transported into the worlds biggest open-air aquarium with your room in Atlantis Sanya, with floor to ceiling windows looking in you can be mesmerized by the schools of fish for hours on end.


Oberoi Amarvilas - Agra, India

Included in your grand hotel room is a beautiful terrace to step out through the french doors and admire the breathtaking view of the Taj Mahal.


Jade Mountain - St Lucia, Caribbean

St Lucia known for their two dramatically tapered mountains, The Pitons are the focus of the view from the gorgeous hotel rooms at Jade Mountain Resort where you can marvel at the tropical landscape.


Le Grotte Della Civita - Matera, Italy

This hotel is within the ancient caves carved into the mountain, where you’re surrounded by stone with modern amenities added in. If you fancy dining here, the restaurant is based inside a former church too!


Hotel Amapa - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The view from the windows looks like the perfect picture at the foot of the bed, certainly an unbelievable thing to wake up to! Or there are also rooms with serene hammocks for us to relax in on your private balcony.


Shangri La - Paris, France

There’s nothing more romantic than the iconic Eiffel Tower which beautifully lights up at night. You can dine on your private balcony and admire the view!


Art Maisons Oia Castle - Santorini, Greece

These luxurious suites come with their very own private cave pool, where you can look out onto the sea view on the hill of Oia Castle. This is truly the dream!


The beautiful treehouses are set within The New Forest with very cosy vibes and a private hot tub too. Suspended in the air you get the full luxurious treehouse experience.


Icehotel 365 - Sweden

The world's first ice hotel open all year round, where you sleep amongst stunning sculptures of ice art and complete with an ice bar. This is truly one of a kind experience!


Giraffe Manor - Nairobi, Kenya

One for the giraffe lovers, you stay in the Manor of the boutique hotel and the resident herd of giraffes tend to visit every morning and evening with the hope of getting a treat before heading back to their sanctuary.


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