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Beautiful Home Fragrances from Literati & Light

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Literati & Light was born of a simple desire to capture and share the fragrances of the greatest stories ever told.

The wife and husband team based in Berkshire create the most beautiful premium home fragrance products inspired by literature! Yes, literature! We cannot get enough of their gorgeous range which can change the feel of any home.

"Crafted by hand using ethically-sourced materials from British suppliers

Environmentally responsible, plastic free, paraffin free

The packaging is eco friendly and includes a biodegradable void filler"

Visit their scented library to take a fragrant journey from the silk roads of ancient Persia to the flapper-filled parties of the roaring twenties. Join holmes at 221b baker street, take a trip to Alice's wonderland, or wander the rain-speckled moors of wuthering heights.

We LOVE their Natural Collection

Literati & Light are offering two types of amazing candle making workshops. You can choose between their "Classic or Modernist" workshops which combine expert guidance with readings from the works that inspire their products to smooth and inspire the senses and mind.

A range of bookshops and

Direct on their website:

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on full price items until 31/12/20


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