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10 Ways to be Productive in Lockdown 2.0

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

What the......Lockdown?

With all your plans cancelled, have you thought about how you will be utilising this newly free time?

We’ve got 10 ideas for you to be productive for the next month, let’s make the most of it!


Organise your House

This is the perfect time to declutter and reorganise, not just for you to have a beautiful living space, but this is proven to clear your mind too. For some inspiration, we love Tidying Up With Marie Kondo and Get Organized With The Home Edit both programmes can be found on Netflix.

The best way to execute this is storage, storage, storage! A great affordable option for finding all types of storage for every room and every space is Wilko, have a browse of their options here.


Take Care of a House Plant or Grow a Herb Garden

Not only do house plants add a beautiful burst of green to your interior, but studies have shown they can boost your mood, increase creativity and reduce stress too! The physical benefits being they eliminate air pollutants, giving you cleaner air to breathe.

Bunches offer a range of indoor plants, as well as a subscription service if you’re hooked like us! Or add something to your kitchen and grow your own Herb Garden, a great project and you can reap the benefits and use these fresh herbs in your cooking.


Look after your Mental Health with Audible

We’re learning from the last lockdown and utilising our time to focus on ourselves, with mental and personal growth! We’ve written a blog featuring our top 5 Audible picks to ease your mind and give you a positive mindset. "The best Audiobooks to get you through lockdown"


Learn a New Skill

Learn a Language! This is an amazing skill to have, not only is, of course, useful if you’re travelling to that country, but it’s proven to improve your memory, multi tasking skills and productivity. Choose from 24 languages that Rosetta Stone offer.

Bring out your inner artist! Don’t worry if you feel as if you’re lacking talent in this area, as it’s all about expressing yourself. We all know that saying, practice makes perfect.

Pick up some basic art supplies to get yourself going, WHSmith have so many to choose from - from pens and pencils to chalk and paints, you won’t be short for choice. A youtube tutorial or two… you’ll be a pro!


Try New Recipes

This is a great opportunity to spice up your cooking and try out new recipes. Using Simply Cook, with over 100 mouth-watering recipes to choose from - there's definitely something for everyone! The boxes helping you create restaurant quality meals from the comfort of your own home, get started with a £3 trial for 4 boxes.


Home Workouts

With gyms shut once again and us heading into Winter, home workouts are going to be the way to go!

With working out improving your physical health (before we eat EVERYTHING on Christmas Day) as well as releasing endorphins, which helps to improve your mental health.

A 1-hour workout being only 4% of your day, what is your excuse?


Discover your roots: Start your Family Tree

This is a project that maybe you’ve never gotten round to doing, but is really interesting to find out more about your heritage and to share this with your close family!

Start with the names you know, watch your tree grow and search the archives to trace back further than you can remember. Go one step further, not only do MyHeritage have a great platform to create your family tree, but you can uncover more ethnic origins with their DNA test. You can find new relatives as this connects you with anyone you share DNA with too.


Make Sustainable Swaps!

With awareness growing for sustainability and being conscious of our environment, we want to encourage you to make a few swaps in your daily products which will make a difference to how much waste you create in your household. Wearth London is the go to for options such as Zero Waste and Eco Friendly products. Some areas we create the most unnecessary waste is with cleaning products and toiletries, check out some swap options here;


Host a Virtual Cocktail Party

Invite friends to join you via Zoom for a fun night of laughs, storytelling and cocktail shaking. The ingredients can be delivered straight to your guests' door with a Build Your Own Cocktail Gift Boxes & Shaker Sets from Cocktail Delivery. Everything you need is packaged together and there is a great selection from the new Chocolate Orange to a classic Pornstar Martini. Get dressed up in something fancy but keep the slippers on and get shaking!


De-stress - Have a home spa day

Have a home spa day, after all, you definitely deserve it! Take some time out to run a bath, pamper yourself and perhaps chuck on your favourite film in the background. There are loads of ways to create a spa-feel from the comfort of your own home, we have a blog featuring our top 10 Home Spa Kits, have a browse to see what would be your favourite pick.



Just breathe, don't forget to check in on your friends, colleagues and loved ones. There also isn't any pressure for you to do ANY OF THE ABOVE, just take care of yourself, get lots of sleep, eat well, exercise and read The Lifestyle Guide! We are all in this together.


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