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Home Gym Must Haves

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

We do everything from our own homes these days and we have had to learn to adapt to our surroundings. With gyms closed for a chunk of 2020, we had to find new ways to stay fit with online classes and home workouts. Whilst we are thrilled that the gyms are reopened and have been made a safe place to visit, we feel a home gym is still important to get our quick fitness fixes when we can’t quite make it to the gym.

The usual downside to a home-gym is the lack of space especially when you live in a city apartment, so we wanted to show you the best essential equipment, which is everything you need for your workout and it’s also apartment friendly.


Different weighted dumbbell pairs are essential for your workout and you can focus on strengthening different areas of your body depending on how you use them. We often find ourselves using these as door stoppers but you can always get a neat stand to keep them to one side.


The best fitness equipment hacks for smaller apartments is the pull-up bar. It can be set up in a door frame which takes up absolutely no room at all. Great for pull-ups, chin-ups and crunches.


Helps improve strength, balance and coordination. When not using it for a workout, use it as your new working from home office chair to support a better overall posture.


Perfect for improving the strength and size of muscles. Using them in your workout to add resistance allows you to get extra creative with your routine. Smaller pieces like these and skipping ropes can easily be packed away.


A fitness mat is necessary so that you’re not laying on the floor and you don’t damage the flooring with your weights. They can be rolled away afterward for easy storage.


TRX has put together a home suspension trainer package including everything you need for a complete body workout. It also comes with digital videos on improving strength, flexibility and mobility.


For those with a bit more room, an exercise bike is the perfect home-friendly workout machine. Join an online spin class or go at your own pace whilst listening to music.

Get your bike here! for as little as £299.99



All in One, Harrods

Or go for an all in one multi-gym bench trainer, with different functions this highly versatile piece takes up little space yet maximises your workout possibilities.


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