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Who said Dry January has to be boring?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Whether you have jumped on the wagon or just don't drink alcohol at all, here's some ideas for alternative choices to make at home or stick in your online shopping basket!

What Can I Make At Home? Well, let's get creative!

Passion Fruit Iced Tea

Exotic, sweet passionfruit syrup infuses the golden taste of English breakfast for a glass of summer passion.

By: Twinings

Mulled Apple Juice

The non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine.

A sweet Winter warmer.

By: BBC Good Food

Watermelon, Mint & Lime Juice

This is as refreshing as it looks!

Very instagrammable and will be done in under 15 minutes! Make sure you serve it ice cold.

By: Table for Two

Non-Alcoholic Pear Cider

Pear Cider also called Pear Perry is a great twist on an old classic Apple Cider. This will be your new go-to recipe beverage for any occasion.

By: The VGN Way

Sidecar Mocktail

Serve up something a little different, an alcohol-free sidecar mocktail. This is made from lapsang souchong tea, lemon juice, marmalade and honey

By: BBC Good Food


and so much choice to buy delivery to your door!

Dash was set up by two friends Alex and Jack, on a mission to encourage people to start drinking more water and stop throwing away deliciously-wonky fruit and veg. Served in cans (so fully recyclable) too!

Holland and Barrett have a FABULOUS SALE on right now - check it out!

Fortnum’s Rosé Sparkling Tea is wonderfully crisp and elegant, yet notably drier than the original, with a pale pink hue and a subtle sweetness – using hibiscus alongside even more tea per litre than before.

Best served chilled as an aperitif, this celebratory brew is versatile enough to enjoy alongside a variety of food. It is particularly impressive with cured ham and smoked fish.

"The Mood Booster"

Elevate evenings & lift spirits with the ultimate social-enhancer containing powerful plants with powerful flavours. Bittersweet with a curious savoury bite!

Take me to Three Spirit

The Dry Drinker Zerohero® 0.0% Mixed Beer Case can come to your rescue! After all, that’s what heroes are for.

Light, fresh and great with anything. Significantly, these four great tasting non-alcoholic beers have literally no alcohol content but offer 100% taste.

Given that, start your Sober revolution today! Sometimes less is more.

Online alcohol megastore Master of Malt has announced its range of No and Low alcohol available on their site. With amazing brands such as Seedlip, Everleaf and our faves Lyre's who have both the amazing Dry London Spiti and American Malt options, what's even better as there is a Flash Sale Now On!


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