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Virtual Beautifully British Theatre Sites? Yes Please!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We are seriously missing going out to the theatre are seeing our favourite shows. The UK has some of the most famous theatres in the world and throughout lockdown they kept us in high spirits by releasing some previously filmed live shows for us to stream from our own sofas. At the time we were gearing up for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s weekly releases which have sadly now ended.

With the theatres not set to return until early 2021 we have been sobbing along to the classics whilst sitting in our makeshift theatre set-ups in our living rooms or gardens. As well as the popular shows, we have been filling the void by exploring some new and innovative pieces too which we may not have even seen otherwise.

Due to the closure of many of the venues in the performing industry. The venues need your support to make it through and we would be devastated in any of them were not to open again. In return of their great generosity of sharing their most prized performances from their archives they are seeking your donations. If you can contribute please do to make sure we can all be together enjoying the true incredible atmosphere of the theatre stalls once again.

See the best spots online to enjoy the UK’s top shows streamed to the comfort of your own home!


Don some fairy lights around the fence and cosy up with blankets in the garden if weather permits to enjoy an enchanted performance of a classic Shakespeare story such as Midsummer Night’s Dream. The famous productions are filmed in Shakespeare's Globe itself and are available for you to rent, own or send as a gift to someone. Watch now on Globe Player, the theatre’s own video-on-demand service.


The National Theatre has been releasing exclusive shows released every Thursday readily available to watch via their YouTube channel which is also filled with trailers, interviews and quizzes to keep you entertained for hours. Sit down once a week to make sure you don't miss out on these amazing stage shows. Anyone affiliated with an educational institution has also been granted access to even more exclusive libraries from the National Theatre Collection archives and beyond so you will never be bored again.


The amazing Phoebe Waller-Bridge is making great efforts to support this theatre and its chosen charities by releasing the stage show of hit Fleabag. The one-woman show was made into a TV hit which many of us watched and loved and this brings it back to its original form as you enter the mind and thoughts of Fleabag. Many other live performances filmed at the theatre can be streamed via the site including top quality comedy.



So you have probably heard that Hamilton is now streaming on Disney+. It’s definitely the most talked about stage show at the moment and Disney really had the fans hyped up when they announced its release.

The film is of the original Broadway production and can be watched for unlimited amounts of time before its back up and running again in live UK theatre. We hope this is the first of many amazing stage releases we can benefit from our membership on Disney+

**Subscription Fee Applies via Disney!


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