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Top Scented Candles that make your house feel homely including BAKED BREAD!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Candles are a staple in any house, not only for the beautiful aromas they exude but the gentle flicker of the candlelight can create such a warm ambience in any room.

It is wonderful how smells can evoke and trigger memories, have you ever had that moment where you walk into a room somewhere and it reminds you of a particular moment in your past? I think we all have!

With that being said, scents can be very personal and candles are no different, some people have different scents for each room, some people swap out their candles each season and some people only ever purchase the same candle over and over.

We have compiled a list of scented candles that you should try… to help make your house a home.


Our Favourite Splurge Candles

The Popular Candle

Perfect for a gift or just to treat yourself!

Retails for £49.00 for 200g

The Luxury Candle

For those that love deep scents, this candle brings gold and decadence to any home with rich, sultry notes.

Retails for £165.00 for 300g

The Floral Candle

Not only does it smell divine, but it comes with a beautiful paperweight which is perfect for a gift or for your home.

Retails for £80.00 for 220g

The Irresistible Candle

With deep berry undertones, this enchanting scent fills the room so beautifully. It’s sleek package also looks lovely in any room.

Retails for £68.00 for 300g


Our Favourite ‘Don’t break the bank’ Candles

The Eco Candle

This Soy blended wax is hand poured in recycled jars and perfect for those cosy nights in.

Retails for £20.00 for 226g

The Fresh Candle

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly washed sheets, this candle encompasses notes of flowers, and lemon which makes it simply fresh and wonderful.

Retails for £20.00 for 411g

The Unusual Candle

It sounds weird, but the smell is oddly nice and will remind you of a delicious bakery!

Retails for £12.12 for 340g

The Wellness Candle

Softly scented, this therapeutic candle will relax your mind and body which is perfect to send you to sleep.

Retails for £32.95 for 220g


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