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Going swimming? Why not go green!

We all have that excited feeling when preparing for a holiday in the sun, now more than ever. We want to be sure you are armed with some of the best brands for swimwear that also have a focus on sustainability.

There is now roughly 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean & 46,000 pieces in every square mile of ocean, weighing up to 269,000 tonnes. Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our ocean.

After reading that fact, who doesn’t want to save the world.. right?

We have sourced the Best of British Sustainable Swimwear brands for you to take a look at, there is a range of high end to affordable, all with a focus on saving the planet one bikini at a time.

Our top sustainable swimwear picks!

A premium yet, affordable swimwear brand that uses recycled ocean plastic. They pride themselves on providing ‘Swimwear with a purpose’ and keeping sustainability at the heart of their business. Not to mention, their designs are on trend and perfect for all body types! All pieces are designed and produced in London. Prices from £140


An eco-swimwear wear brand offering timeless designs and flattering shapes for women. This ethical brand takes their inspiration from the ocean and have also got a wonderful selection of surf leggings. Designed and handmade in London. Prices from £70

Offer: 15% off 1st order Use Code: HELLOTDF

Free worldwide shipping Use Code: AROUNDTHEWORLD


Recycled ocean plastic fishing nets, turned into luxury swimwear. Created by women for women they have carefully designed the collection to create stylish yet functional pieces. They say you can look great and actually swim in them too!

Designed in London and made in Bali where the materials are sourced by a small, family run business. Prices from £100


One of the hottest sustainable brands in London, they have created an innovative swimwear design that offers interchangeable bikini top and bottoms. They also use ECONYL® nylon which is made from regenerated and recycled waste. Good quality and good styles, the perfect match! Designed and made in London. Prices from £70

Offer: 10% off first order when you subscribe. Free mask with any swimwear purchase


Dubbed ‘the most comfortable swimwear ever’, how could we miss this brand? Swimsuits that adapt to your natural body’s movement and evolving shape is always a winner in our eyes. Not to mention their suits are designed and manufactured in England and they use 100% recyclable packaging. Their designs are made to last year on year, so you really do get your money’s worth! Prices from £105


Their pieces are beautiful with timeless designs using repurposed fishing nets, the plastic waste rescued from the seas is regenerated and spun into ECONYL®. The ethos behind the brand is to create swimwear that is to be worn on every holiday. All of their gorgeous pieces are made by UK ateliers. Prices from £85

Offer: 10% off first order!


Offering swimsuits that are designed to stand the test of the time, eliminating the trend of single use swimwear. Functional and trendy designs that are double lined and ever so flattering. They have a ‘Waste Collection’ which uses recycled ocean waste (ghost fishing nets) to create their beautiful pieces. Their collection is designed and manufactured in the UK. Prices from £140

Offer: 10% off all orders placed before 14th Sept 2020 - Use Code JUSTHITCHED


We can’t be the only ones that love matching with our loved ones so Team Beach Wear is right up our street! They found a gap in the market where they have created a capsule collection providing matching swimwear for the whole family, friends or like they say ‘whoever matters to you’. Not only are the fabric prints suitable for all styles and ages, the materials they use are recyclable and sustainable. We are sold....Get us to the beach! Designed and lovingly made in the UK. Prices from £50 for children and from £80 for adults


We can’t leave out the Men can we? Check out this ultra slick men’s swimwear apparel brand. All pieces are handmade in the UK and all materials used are recycled. We think it’s a little bit of luxury that makes you feel good about the way you look and how you are helping the environment! Prices from £160


This brand specialises in Eco Board Shorts for men using 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Their designs are fun yet simple and our favourite part is that for every pair sold, they donate £1 to the Marine conservation. Let’s not forget, they offer 25% discount on a new pair of shorts when you donate your old unwanted shorts. Prices from £90

Offer: 10% off first order!


So there you have it!

You can now enjoy swimming in the knowledge that your swimwear has made a positive contribution to saving our oceans and the environment!

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