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The other type of face mask.....pamper your way through lockdown.

Let's take a beat and give ourselves a well deserved break. Close your laptop (well not yet) put your phone on silent, pop on some music and get a different kind of face mask on for a change!


Create your very own face mask with a vegan friendly kit from Wearth London. The organic ingredients will nourish your skin leaving you feeling naturally fresh. The pack includes Cacao powder, Maca powder, Coconut Oil and Bentonite Clay which will make up four face masks for you to use again or share the relaxation with your household.


Wearth London are the experts on clean beauty, the 100% natural clay face mask is made from organic ingredients that come in 4 different scents depending on the sort of nourishment and care you need. These are Calming and Purifying, Detox and Antioxidant, Nourishing and Soothing and Exfoliating and Brightening. The mask comes as a dry powder that is activated with water.


This revitalising clay mask from Cowshed is perfect for skin that needs a deep clean of impurities. The Kaolin clay helps unclogs pores and the Green Tea and Aloe Vera leaves the skin feeling soothed.


Enrich your skins with vitamin C with a sheet mask blitz. The mask will hydrate your skin leaving you with a healthy glow afterwards. Best added to your morning routine to awaken and prepare you for the day ahead.


The quick mask only takes 1 minute of your time to add some magic to your skin. The powerful peel formula moisturizes and softens the skin for a youthful effect.


The sweet fruity face mask gives your skins the TLC it needs to soothe and hydrate. It conditions and moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling beautiful.


We love the Garnier Moisture Bomb, and the Lavender version is even better. When your skin is feeling tired, dry and in need of a refresh, this anti-fatigue sheet mask is a lifeline. You will thank us when you feel revived and glowing once again.


Soothe your skin with an overnight mask. Enthused with lavender, mandarin and rosemary you will wake up feeling healthy and hydrated as the ingredients indulge your skin whilst you sleep. The cannabis Sativa seed oil reduces dry and red looking skin, making you feel instantly better by morning.


We’ve heard of the benefits of putting egg on your face, but it never sounds that glamorous. The two parts of the egg offer different qualities, the white brightens and the yolk smooths. This mousse facial mask uses both to give your skin new life and radiant complexion.


Cleanse and purify your skin with the charcoal bubble sheet mask. The deep cleaning sheet removes impurities, dirt, excess oil and pollution leaving you looking and feeling fresh.


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