FFS, Beauty should be effortless!

Updated: Jun 3

Here at The Lifestyle Guide, we LOVE shouting about brands who have amazing ethics so FFS is certainly one of our faves!

✔️ Cruelty-free products

✔️ Against animal testing

✔️ Leaping bunny approved

✔️ Sustainable

✔️ Vegan friendly

What do they do?

FFS has a range of amazing products from body hair removal, hair care, deodorants, body butter & oils, to tanning solutions & accessories and more......

What does FFS stand for?

As you can imagine, they get asked this a lot. Where’s the obvious meaning of FFS – and to be honest, this did initially sum up their feelings towards the female shaving market! Now that they’ve switched things up and provided women with quality razors, FFS can stand for a wide range of our core values.

They are:

  • For fun’s sake, for Friday’s sake, for fabulousness’s sake,

  • For fairness sake, for fur-ness sake, for fluff’s sake, for follicles sake,

  • For future’s sake, for financial sake, for frustrations sake.

Our favourite products

We are honestly struggling to choose ONE thing! But the main draw factor for us was the shaving range subscription that offers amazing value for money AND a ROSE GOLD razor that you do not mind displaying in your bathroom too!

Their gifting range is pretty nifty too!