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Gordon Ramsay's Academy

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Back in August last year, Gordon Ramsay announced that he had plans for a whopping 50 new UK openings plus many more International sites to his empire of chains which will create lots of new job opportunities globally. HE IS A TROOPER!

Here at The Lifestyle Guide - we are big fans! We frequently shout from the rooftops about our neighbours (yes we share the same postcode) exciting launches and wins such as the new 'Gordon Ramsay Burger within Harrods' which is the first of its kind in the UK.

The gourmet burger joint brings a mouth-watering menu based around it's Las Vegas hometown and on the menu: Classic American style burgers, hot dogs and shakes. The most eye-catching item on the menu is the whopping £80 '1849 Burger' that promises to be worth every penny (we are SOLD), the burger is an 'Australian Wagyu beef patty, Japanese Kobe A5, truffle Pecorino cheese, mushroom ragu, freshly shaved black truffle, porcini aïoli, 12-year balsamic vinegar, watercress, served with Truffle Parmesan Fries'.

AND NOW......

The latest announcement is that he is branching out of London this time with a new Street Burger restaurant opening in Woking alongside his first-ever academy on the same site. Street Burger is one of his more affordable restaurants aimed at families, with a deal for £15 to include a burger, fries and unlimited soft drinks.

This will be the second Street Burger in the UK following the branch in St.Pauls, London, which only just opened in December 2020 which will go down a treat once the offices in The City start re-opening. PLUS, there are two more London locations in the pipeline for this year.

The Gordon Ramsay Academy is set to open in Autumn, offering classes to all ages and abilities interested in cooking. The school will provide real-life skills, knowledge and experience and the chance to work with the group on completion of their courses.

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