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Gordon’s On a Roll - Another New Restaurant Opening

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

...or a doughy pizza base on this occasion. The man’s been keeping busy lately with new openings, after recently announcing the opening of the UK's first Gordon Ramsey Burger launching in Harrods this year. Up next in store for us lucky brits, is a new location for his pizza restaurant, set to open before the end of 2020. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Rolling out in Southwark, Street Pizza is located just under Gordon’s Italian restaurant, Union Street Cafe. The pizza brand already has London bases in Camden and St.Pauls and this will be the third to open in the city, but definitely not the last as the chef plans 50 more UK openings of his many chains of restaurants.

Offering up bottomless pizza for £15, the queues are set to be out the door, as customers will find it too hard to leave. As well as the pizza, there will be signature cocktails to snap up too to accompany the delicious doughy delights.

Previously announced to open this Thursday 5th November, we now know this will be on pause as we enter lockdown, but in December staff will be there to welcome us in and we can’t wait.


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