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Sustainable "must have" products for your home!

We don’t always realise how harmful the commercial products we use every day can be to not only the environment but ourselves too.

As much as we all want to become a well rounded, environmentalist who doesn’t use any toxic products, it can be daunting making the move. Though, here at The Lifestyle Guide, we say small changes are still changes and every little helps!

For those ethical homeware product enthusiasts and newbies, we have compiled a list of our favourite environmentally friendly products just for you. Ranging from essential items to decorative pieces, there is something for everyone.


The Lifestyle Guide are in LOVE with this brand. There is nothing like laying down on a bed of linen sheets, it's what dreams are made of! If you are looking to invest in linen that make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud, then look no further than Chalk Pink Linen Company. With a selection of bed linen, table linen and decorative linen they have everything you could need. Produced from Flax plant, linen is wonderfully sustainable and has natural properties that make it hypoallergenic. The Chalk Pink Linen Company say ‘it becomes beautiful with age, making this fabric the ideal choice for both bedding and homewares’ It's certainly on our wish list!


We all love a freshly cleaned home. Sadly, some products harm the environment and can be toxic for us too. Colt & Willow have created some superb plant-based cleaning products that are game changing. Their motto is that their products ‘look good, smell good & do good’. The range of natural household products is easily accessible and will totally convert you… just give them a try. All of their products are proudly made in the UK - Beautifully British!


Our recommendations are the Silicone Ziplock bag and Silicone Stretch Lids- they are reusable, washable and Zero waste. Amazing for multi use purpose (kitchen, travel etc). The ethos of the brand is to cut down on single use plastic and they have also partnered with One Tree Planted and will plant a tree for every single order at Green Island. LOVE!


This brand offers reusable water bottles and coffee and food pots- Chilly's mission is to ‘accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products’. They have created bottles to suit all lifestyles and have managed to harmonize functionality and design. This eco-friendly brand want to encourage people to stay away from single-use plastic bottles and opt for a beautifully designed and well insulated bottle instead. Who wouldn’t want a bottle that keeps your drink cold for 24 hours? Not to mention, they collaborate with some wonderful people. We have our eye on the Johanna Konta bottle!


Whether it be cocktail or simple soft drink, a straw never goes a miss! Paper Straws London have created beautifully designed straws for every occasion, that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. With a variety of colours available, and made in London they are the perfect addition to any drink.


Ever More London specialises in hand-poured candles with a focus on sustainability. The natural candles are a harmonic blend of beautiful scents and vegan waxes, they are made from rapeseed and soy wax so they last for a while and we can’t get enough of them! Sublimely presented in recycled glass, not only do the candles smell delightful but they look ever so elegant as a decorative piece too.


Made in England, they produce contemporary and classic crockery and tableware for the ever-evolving lifestyles of their clients. They use Derbyshire Clay to make the exceptionally crafted items and have strong sustainability policy to minimise their impact on the environment. They have collections for different styles, and the quality of their products is second to none!

A few photos from their conscious collection:


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