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Stocking Fillers For The Kids!

Some kids are easy to please some are a lot more challenging but with these top stocking fillers, you can guarantee to get it just right. Start the Christmas morning off wonderfully with these fantastic little gift ideas. Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most exciting as the saying goes ‘big things come in small packages’. We have some ideas to keep them busy, creative and quiet so you can crack on with the Christmas Day cooking stress-free. Sounds good to us!


Kids are always on the lookout for their next favourite cuddly toy. The adorably cute plush puffies from Ty can be their new best pal and won’t leave their side. There are 9 different puffies to add to your collection such as the unicorn and the penguin!


A game to play on Christmas Day will keep everyone entertained. We think the best modern game by far is Dobble! The whole family can get involved with this one and we have so much fun playing this. It’s a vamped up, fun twist on the classic game of snap, and it’s incredibly addictive.


A small LEGO stocking stuffer set will keep them busy for a while. Go for a Christmas theme or maybe something from their favourite film, or combine the two with this Olaf toy, the loveable snowman from Disney’s Frozen.


Cosy winter socks to wear on Christmas day are a must. They can be festive or just outright outrageous. We love these funky monster socks, they're super soft and a little bit whacky, the kids will love them too!


Originally supposed to be a real orange, we have since adapted the tradition by including a chocolate orange in our stockings. Recently the world’s gone mad for Orange flavoured chocolate, with many brands releasing their own limited editions. Add the classic or go for something new this year. Terry’s Chocolate Orange or Cadbury Twirl Orange, what will you choose?


Something new to add to their pencil case and see them into the next year of school. A fun stationery item such as this Frenchie Pencil from Paperchase is a simple but effective gift.


There has to be at least one prank present. Have them causing havoc with this funny whoopee cushion and there will be endless amounts of laughter all day. Poor Grandad is likely to be the brunt of this joke.


Something for the bath works very well. Make bathtime brilliantly fun with this super cool avengers bath collection at Boots. Check out the Hulk Smash bath mitt! It comes with wipe-clean crayons so you can decorate the bathtub with drawings, perhaps create your own superhero storyboard all the way around.


Another old school tradition that’s turned into chocolate and we are not complaining. Chocolate coins are the best stocking filler for guaranteed happiness and joy.


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