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Simply Seedz

With Cathryn Zeilinski

We've all had to take a few strategic steps to better our health and what we eat plays a major part in our overall wellbeing. As we celebrate Women's Day we take a look at some inspiring Women In Business who have created brands and products that are truly making a difference to our daily routine and lifestyle. We reached out to Cathryn Zeilinski, the founder of "Simply Seedz", as the concept and purpose of this business are hugely beneficial and convenient for what is considered the most important meal of the day.

Over to you Cathryn...

The Why? Why did you decide to create and produce your own brand / product / solution?

I needed to change my lifestyle and eating habits as I had got used to skipping breakfast and then snacking while out on the road in my previous corporate life. Having survived a pulmonary embolism, and while this was not diet related, I started making my own breakfast cereals and toasting seeds purely for my own and family’s health because I couldn’t find what I wanted in the supermarket. I needed a breakfast that was going to provide the right nutrition, that was not loaded with additives and high levels of sugar or salt.

Following redundancy, and not knowing how long it would take to get another job back in the corporate world, Simplyseedz became a project to keep the grey matter from going any greyer. Little did I know, that this would become a full-time job and occupation!

I started retailing at farmers markets and small local events and continued to get really good feedback from customers. The word started to spread and our customer base grew as we approached more outlets.

We supply many sportspeople, runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers including Paralympian Kare Adenegan and those following health and wellness. During the pandemic, we’ve certainly seen a lot more interest in our products.

The What

Brilliant for all year round health, Simply Seedz is a health-conscious company producing nutritious on-the-go porridge pots and Great Taste award-winning snacking seeds that are 100% vegan, dairy-free and low in sugar content.

Great for walkers, hikers, workouts, desk snacking and more.

The How? How have you created the products and the brand (& what makes Simply Seedz different / USPs?)

Our porridge has many key differences from those typically found in the supermarket.

Firstly, there is a maximum of 5 ingredients in a blend. There is nothing you can’t pronounce or recognise.

We’ve made our porridge pots not just dairy free, but they are free of all types of milk powders that have high sugar content. We do not add any salt either. Our porridge is high fibre with lots of texture. British jumbo oats, pumpkin & sunflower seeds and actual pieces of fruit.

Compared to high street brand porridge pots which tend to be made with very finely blended oats and flavour enhancers. This reduces the nutritional quality as it is quickly digested and you feel hungry again.

Simplyseedz porridge is nutritionally balanced and has received approval from a number of nutritionists, including Dr Claire Bailey, in the Mail on Sunday.

The Where? Where do you see the business, and the brand, in terms of growth/expansion or product development over the next year or two

We’ve lots of exciting opportunities opening up as consumers want and need transparency in their food choices.

We have a number of new products in the background being developed too. We can’t reveal too much at the moment though, but let’s just say, we’re going from strength to strength.

Instagram: @simplyseedz


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