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Ready, Set, Glow!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Living in Britain we’re not fortunate to have glorious sunshine everyday. However, we’ve got your new holy grail products that will hold onto your summer glow!

Instant tans, gradual glow, face tan drops, shimmers, moisturisers and how to keep a long lasting tan. We have a product for you and of course they’re all Beautifully British brands that we love!


Now something really exciting... a brand new product is the amazing Body Beam Bronzing Drops, it's paired with a blending brush which is a new to the market and we're wondering how we survived before?!

The blending brush is super soft giving you an airbrushed finish. It provides a seamless application allowing you to contour the body and face.. how has this only just been created!?

The product comes in two adaptable and build- able shades, bronze provides a glow, colour and coverage. Extra bonze has a sheer base with no ashy tones and will blur imperfections.. and of course a major glow.


Skinny tan have launched a new product:

The Coconut Water Serum which is infused with hydrating Coconut Water, anti-ageing Q10 and Guarana, nourishing Vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera for the ultimate skin-caring formula. Literally all the goodness your skin is craving!

Another favourite product of ours is the Pre Tan Primer, simply because it smells like cookie dough!


When discussing glowy skin products we cannot overlook the Pixi Skincare, they have an entire 'Glow' range of products perfect to prep your skin before applying gradual tan.

The Swedish owned company launched their first flagship store in Soho, London and now we see their products on every shelf!

The most popular product from the range has to be the Glow Tonic, its an award winning toner that brightens and energises your complexion. Use the product after cleansing and before tanning, simply place on a cotton pad (only sustainable please!) and sweep across the face and neck.

The product contains 5% glycolic acid, gently exfoliating your skin but filled with aloe vera and nutrients leaving you with a hydrated glow! It really is magic in a bottle!


A personal favourite, wonder oil from tan luxe has a rollerball top which is different to usual. Super easy application, infused with oils so it glides onto the skin leaving you streak free.

Our top tip: Pair this with the illuminating tan drops for your face, mix with your face moisturiser. Rub together and apply to your face. It develops in just 2-4 hours leaving you with that hydrating glow!


The ultimate real life filter....

We know she is famous from the TV hit Love Island, but we cannot fault Molly-Mae when it comes to her tan.

She recently launched her own product called Filter. With nourishing and moisturizing ingredients keeping you bronzed for longer.


Keeping with the trend of our favourite British influencers, we have Lydia Millen who is known for her luxurious beauty and lifestyle.

Lydia lives by her saying “when skin sings, confidence swells” which is why her first collection is designed to facilitate flawless tanning.

From skin prep and polish, to application and maintenance. Her products come into action with our top tips below!


Our Five Top Tips....

1. Get into a routine! A routine before any tanning process is a must.

Exfoliate! We’d recommend using the British Rose Exfoliating Gel by The Body Shop. With the essences of a British rose and the gel texture, it’s a perfect base before applying your self tan.

2. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise, it is essential to moisturise your dry spots, usually knuckles, ankles, elbows and knees.

3. Use a mitt to apply your fake tan, preferably a velvet mitt that allows a smooth application. This can be found in Lydia Millens Glo tool box.

4. If applying to your face, ensure you do your neck and behind your ears! We don’t want any lines or missed patches Still wear sunscreen, even though you have fake tan on, SPF needs to be your best friend all year round.

5. Finally, wash your hands after to avoid any stains.

Got it?....Now go Glow !! (You glow girl)


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