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Positive Things We Learnt In Lockdown 1 & 2 AND NOW Into Number 3

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We know, we know, a new lockdown and a new year, but we are reflecting on the previous two that were both full of ups and downs and high and lows.

All the good, the bad and the ugly came our way but we will forget about the latter 2 and focus on the good. New skills, new talents, reconnecting with old friends there are a lot of positives too and it may be worth writing some down to fully help you realise that this year will have shaped us into a new person going forward and we have overcome a very big and unexpected challenge that we should be hugely proud of ourselves for. As things are only going to get better from here, we focus on what we have learnt during lockdown 1 and 2.0 and things we are grateful for as we head into the 3rd and (hopefully) final lockdown.

We tried a lot of new things that we usually wouldn't have time for in our busy schedules, but taking a step back has allowed for a refreshing rethink on what's important to us and its the little things and the people that we love the most.


We Moved

We exhausted online classes throughout lockdown 1 but 2.0 hit differently and our fitness motivation has been at an all-time low. We started the first lockdown joining in on the meant for kids classes ran by Joe Wicks but we ended up losing the energy.

We explored a few different options from brands and top influencers that were showcasing their talents on our feeds. We were excited to see that there are other ways we can stay fit whilst having fun at the same time. We thank these motivators of fitness who we praise and admire as we attempt to copy ourselves in our own homes. Obviously, the top champions were @joe.wicks but fitness was made more interesting by bloggers such as @lauren.jumps who shows off her amazing talent at skipping, we love it and have even got the rope out ourselves to give it a go. Live workouts from Psycle, Barry’s Bootcamp, Classpass and more meant we could carry on with our fitness regime and make the most out of our time.


We Made

Who knew we were even capable of this. We may have not kept each new hobby up for long but we definitely gave quite a few a tries. With a new-found knowledge of how to macrame, felt and even making hot chocolate bombs from home. Many things we never would have had the time to pick up and learn before but perhaps may have always wanted to.

We attended virtual craft fairs and watched many tutorials online to get the gist of how to make each thing. Some our favourites include @quarantinecraftfair and @solocraftfair, for more on virtual craft fairs check out our blog from last lockdown here.


We Baked

Oh did we bake! The banana bread had so much air time this year and everyone made one at some point. Maybe this was because we had all stopped eating as healthily, therefore, had a lot of gone off bananas on our hands. However, the trusty banana bread got us through and we even added chocolate chips to ours because it makes it 100% better.

We had a go at other things too and out of laziness googled ‘3 ingredient recipes’ regularly and making as little effort as possible whilst still feeling like we achieved something.


We Gave Back

We have felt more generous than ever and that our support was very much needed during this time. On one hand, many of us who could be able to volunteer with their spare time, some made donations and others shared information and opened important conversations with one another.

There were obvious front runners when it came to charity campaigning, Captain Tom Moore became an iconic member of society as well as Marcus Rashford who stuck by children of the UK to make sure they received free school dinners.


We Were Thankful

For our friends, loved ones and most importantly the NHS for their unbelievable work towards keeping us safe and getting us through this. Our true heroes.

We feel like a big life lesson came from this year and that was to be grateful and thankful for the people and things around us because they're what really matter the most.


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