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Pasta Evangelists Recipe Kits Review

Last week I was sent an unexpected delivery from a loved one and to my surprise, it was the gift of pasta which of course resulted in instant happiness.

Pasta Evangelists deliver artisan fresh pasta recipe kits across the UK. If you hang out in Harrods then you may recognise these guys from the Deli section. Founded in 2016, they made it more accessible to cook with fresh ingredients at home, because as Brits we are guilty of using mainly dry pasta as it's much easier to find in our supermarkets.

Due to lockdowns and spending most of 2020 indoors, we have been massively missing out on restaurant-quality dining as our cooking isn't always up to scratch. This has been the case for many of us and therefore we have seen the rise in popularity of food delivery services and DIY meal kits, with new companies popping up as well as experts like Pasta Evangelists heard of by almost everyone now as loads of us are giving it a try.


So how does it work?

Pasta Evangelists will send you a parcel which will include the fresh ingredients, sauces and garnish as well as the easy instructions on how to create your chosen dish. Each week they do a different menu of 10 options that you can either enjoy ready-made or put together yourself.


What was on my menu?

For the ready-made option, I received a luxury Black Truffle Mac and Cheese and I had the "Carbonara of Dreams" with Fresh Bucantini & Crispy Pancetta to make myself.

Jealous you missed out?

Not to worry they usually have a mix up each week of similar flavours mixed with a different variety of pasta so you will be able to give it a try too. For instance this week (Feb 15th to Feb 21st 2021), the two flavour varieties I received are now Carbonara of Dreams with Fresh Rigatoni & Pancetta and Fettuccine with Black Truffle Alfredo instead. I also had an Italian classic dessert, the Tiramisù, to go with the meal. It came in an individual glass bowl and can be washed and kept in your cupboards for use afterwards.


My thoughts on the experience?

I was lucky enough to get the best of both as my delivery included two different meals for me to try each method.

Both were incredible dishes though and of a high standard way above anything I could have created without some guidance.

It's like a whole new world going through their website choosing different shapes and styles of pasta that you might not find in your own cupboards (e.g. no fusilli or pasta shells), but that's when you know you are getting the top quality high-end pasta.

The different types of pasta variations they use are Conchiglie, Pappardelle, Ravioli, Trofie, Paccheri, Spaghetti, Orzo, Gnocchi, Orechiete and Tortellini - even the spaghetti was noticeably different as it was thicker and more filling but I definitely preferred it.

I have tried to make carbonara myself before and although it is quite a staple dish I found it difficult when it came to getting the egg part right. This premixed sauce was easy to use, perfectly creamy and so flavoursome. It definitely gives you holiday vibes and makes you want to book a flight to Italy straight away.

The Black Truffle Mac and Cheese had my mouth watering as soon as I read what it was and it did not disappoint. Make sure that you really enjoy the experience - set the table, light a few candles, pour a delicious glass of wine either for yourself or surprise a partner, friend or family member - all of whom will be shocked by your culinary skills and they may even be convinced that you have Italian heritage.

Overall? Would I order for myself?


A truly brilliant surprise gift and I would definitely consider a subscription, perhaps the two meals per week would really be something to look forward to as a maybe a weekend and midweek treat. It would also make a great gift for someone who needs a pick me up. The team are real experts at their craft and I definitely learnt a thing or two about pasta from the informational booklets that came with my order.


What You Can Do At Home

Make Your Own Kits




Virtual Pasta Making Classes

You can also book onto an E-workshop which could be a fun activity to do with friends, here is what's coming up on the calendar, all sessions run from 17:00-18:00.

Taste of Sardinia Masterclass - Friday 19th February

Taste of Tuscany Masterclass - Friday 26th February

Taste of Basilicata Masterclass - Friday 5th March

Gnocchi Ripieni Masterclass - Saturday 19th March

Pasta not quite your thing? Check out these other amazing DIY Meal Kits that have been getting us through lockdown see our blog here 'DIY Meal Kits Are Back For Lockdown'!


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