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MeetspaceVR - Win an Experience and 30% Off Gift Cards!

Changing your perception of VR, MeetspaceVR encourages socialising opportunities in the virtual world.

Whilst it is innately known for being an ‘anti-social’ activity as it involves one user with a headset, they strive to prove otherwise showing plenty of creative potential to be explored as a team interactively. In this unique experience, your body is free to move and acts as a controller within the gaming setting and your mind is tricked into believing it is reality, therefore, making your fight or flight instincts kick in.

MeetspaceVR is a fun, safe and social venue in which you can play games that may not otherwise be accessible to you and truly allow for escapism in an immersive environment with friends and family!

Launching in Nottingham in 2018 they now have 3 locations including Birmingham and Wembley and have had a whopping 65,000 players through their doors. This is not the usual VR that you would find in a “Karaoke-style VR bar”, these venues are the only arena scale-free roam VR available in the UK, moving untethered makes for an incredibly immersive experience.

Be A Hero!

We want to shout about their new amazing promotional offer "Be A Hero - Reward A Hero - Create A Hero" offering 30% off gift cards, that is currently running up until the end of December.

Giving Back!

For every Gift Card purchased MeetspaceVR will in return be giving back to the community.

Inspired by the amazing campaign from Marcus Rashford to support free school meals through the holidays. The way they have adapted this into their own business is to offer experiences for those who are unable to access or afford to use their facilities.

By teaming with their sister company Junior Game Creators, which teaches children coding by showing them how to make their own games, they have set up a bursary so that every gift card purchased will create a place on the course for a child that could not normally be able to attend such a club.

Learning how to make games was just the starting point for the founder, who believes without the skills and knowledge, MeetspaceVR would not have been possible.

The feedback they have had from parents so far has been incredibly rewarding so now is your chance to purchase a gift card for someone you care about and positively impact someone else's future.

Go on, be a hero!

.....and there's more!!!

We have also teamed up with MeetspaceVR to give away an exclusive prize for our readers!

You and your bubble can win a VR Experience at any of their UK locations, for a game of your choice for up to 4 players.

Every session taking place at the moment is private and you will be able to redeem the prize with members of your household or bubble as per guidelines and the venues are currently spaced out, time-wise, so you are able to physically distance from other groups.

Head to our Instagram page to enter! Best of luck!


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