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"Mask the Mask" Challenge... #maskthemask

Updated: Oct 22, 2020


It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is upon us, albeit under somewhat different circumstances this year. COVID-19 has certainly affected all of us to a larger or lesser degree, dampening our spirits, having to get used to the ‘new normal’ and not least of which is having to wear masks, which aside from the health benefits of dangers, hide our expressions and more importantly our smiles!

With the upcoming Halloween festivities, and bearing in mind that the festival itself has been banned in many countries, we decided to incorporate face masks into our Halloween ‘look’.

We all need to take some time out from Zoom meetings and conference calls and spend some time with our children, friends and families, and get creative. I came up with the idea of painting the masks using organic body paints, safe for both adults and children and ideal for both the masks and our own skin.

Inspired by the Mexican holiday of ‘the day of the dead’ in which families gather together and pray for friends and family members who have passed and thus supporting each other on their spiritual journey. It is not a day of sadness, but a day of celebration! In many cultures, wearing a skull represents protection and well-being hence the inspiration of the candy skull, especially in these trying times. 

So we’ve created a mother/daughter duo and so by painting the upper part of the face and incorporating the already painted mask we are able to dress up, celebrate and enjoy Halloween as so many of us have missed out on birthday celebrations, festivities etc. 

As a professional makeup artist and with the collaboration of ‘The Lifestyle Guide’ online magazine, we have decided to publish some of the best and most original painted masks in the next edition coming out on the 4th of November!

So we ask you all to get your creative juices flowing, get your kids involved and remember to "tag" the ‘#maskthemask’ challenge on Instagram to stand a chance of being featured! 

We've included some helpful links below to help you get started right away!

Some great options for masks that will work amazingly well:

Here are two reasonably priced options for face & body paints:

(The body paints we used in our creative session were Superstar Aqua Face and Bodypaint)


We've put together an awesome video of how we got on with our #maskthemask challenge which we filmed at "Let's Makeup Fashion School" in Valencia.

Take part in our Mask the Mask challenge!

We'd love to to see how you #maskthemask:

1: Mask your mask

2: Upload a photo or video to your Instagram grid or Instagram Stories

3: Tag us in @lifestyleguidenews

4: Don’t forget the hashtag! #maskthemask

We'll share all challenge entries to our Instagram stories and our 3 favourite entries will land a special feature in our next edition, get masking! 


Written by Claudia, our Beauty & Cosmetics expert. Claudia has been involved in almost every aspect of the Beauty and Cosmetics industry over the past 20 years. From being in front of the camera for most of that time, Claudia is now dedicated to behind the scenes and is actively involved with consulting and makeup artistry within the film and photographic space.

For consultations, editorial or collaboration opportunities please feel free to contact:

or Diana


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