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Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

It never crossed our mind before to create your own wreath but it seems to be a very popular thing to over recent years. Our first experience of this very festive activity was a luxury workshop at the very beautiful Lavender Green Flowers where there was a selection of amazing handpicked leaves, twigs, flowers and more for you to choose and create your masterpiece. This inspired us to want to create our own from scratch, foraging and all. So here is our guide on how to do so and of course, do check out the amazing Christmas Collection from Lavender Green Flowers too.


Create Your Own From Scratch

What you’ll need?

  • Gloves

  • Base

  • Foliage

  • Twine/Wire

  • Decoration

  • Spray

  • Additional: Glue Gun


Step 1: Forage! Go out on a walk around the local area and see what you can find. You may even have plenty of choice in your garden but be sure to not snip anything from someone else’s! Things that work well include pine, ivy, holly, conifer and spruce.

Step 2: It is easier to start with a base (see our base type suggestions below) but you can also make this part too with some weaving and winding using strong but bendy twigs or a metal circle and keep building it up with something durable but squidgy and use a glue gun if you want to be extra secure.

Step 3: With the collected foliage, use the thicker bulkier ones and make sure the end is spiky. Remove some of the lower leaves then push the spiky end into your base with the leaves pointing outwards or intertwine depending on the material used. Be sure to attach them all in the same direction for consistency and use a single wrap of wire to secure items in place.

Step 4: Add in the more interesting leave such as holly and stagger through every now and then. You can use different coloured and textured leaves at this point too.

Step 5: Decorate! Attach seasonal items you may have found on your forage such as pine cones or red berries. You could also add in something scented such as cinnamon sticks or cook some sliced oranges on a low heat until they dry out. This is the point to get creative!

Step 6: Why not add a touch of glitter or gold with a spray to add some colour and sparkle to your wreath. Instead of using a scented decoration in the previous step, you could always spray a festive room scent to bring a warm welcome to you and your guests at your door.

Step 7: Hang it up. Find a suitable ribbon that goes with your theme and attach it to your door, you can tie the ribbon in a huge bow too as a finishing touch.

Base Options

You can use different material from your base, they can be twine, moss or metal. The more natural products and materials may not last as long whereas the metal you can use year after year for different creations. A polystyrene circle is also an option but it is less durable as it disintegrates after so many uses and is not the best sustainably so we recommend the other options instead.

Or Use a Kit

Tag us in your wreath pictures on Instagram so we can see your creations @lifestyleguidenews !!


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