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Immersive Gatsby is Back!

Gatsby, GATSBY!, GaTsBy?, the mysterious man is back on the West End for 2020 and The Lifestyle Guide are excited to see it once again!

We have all been craving something to look forward to this year and we are desperately missing the excitement of the theatre so the announcement that Immersive Gatsby is returning on the 1st October has made us dust of our 2020 diaries with every hope insight.

The show must go on socially distanced style of course, so let’s party responsibly!

Immersive theatre is a breakthrough for the entertainment industry. If you haven’t done it already then allow us to convince you. Unlike a usual show where you take your seats, await the opening of curtains, watch uncomfortably for a couple of hours until it’s time to tiringly head back home. With an immersive performance, there is so much more going on and you never stay in one place for long. There is usually different rooms or levels where different scenes are taking place all at once. Each story untangles a piece of the puzzle before heading towards an epic finale. Here you are part of the show, involved in the story, best mates with the cast... it’s fantastic. We promise you it will be a night to remember.

The 1925 novel by author F. Scott Fitzgerald and the more recently 2013 film adaptation by Baz Luhrmann has been brought to life through this theatre production. You are invited to one of Jay Gatsby’s notorious mansion parties, and you experience the story unfold with an evening of champagne and drama. The amazing cast help unravel the mystery through interactions with the audience, such as a flirty exchange and a dance with Tom Buchanan, or a secretly intimate girl talk with Daisy about the status of their marriage. These personal encounters make you feel a connection with the performance and spark your emotions throughout. Whether you are enjoying a drink at the bar with the main character or passing on some juicy gossip, you play an important part in the story itself and every audience member watches the performance from an entirely different perspective based on how it unravelled around them. Watch the trailer for the show here

So whose in the cast?

Director Alexander Wright and the magnificently talented creative team!

Grab your Masks!

This year, the party has been reimagined as a 1920’s Art Deco Masquerade Ball, which is perfectly fitting, so you can wear your mask, stay safe and enjoy the show. Bespoke masks will be available to purchase for those in need and a portion of the sales will go towards The Theatre Artists Fund who are helping support theatre workers and freelancers impacted by covid-19.

Where can I buy tickets?

From the 1st October, the show is on Wednesdays to Sundays until January 2021. Yay!


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