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I want this in my house, Tom Dixon Edition

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

All hail Tom Dixon, the renowned British innovator who creates the most spectacular designs. This one is for those who love all things luxury and appreciate true interior design.

Tom’s passion and talent are reflected in every piece within the collection and to be totally honest we would have it all in our houses if we could!

The sheer attention to detail and intricacy of each design means you cannot fault a thing and move with the times, Tom has the amazing ability to release products that will be appreciated by all.

Without further ado, here are our favourite pieces from the extraordinary collection.


The Ultimate Dining Table!

“A family of super-polished solid brass tables manufactured in the UK and made from one single extruded box section of brass”

“A tactile material which has been used for millennia in nautical, construction, apparel and food applications, Cork is the ultimate traditional material fit for the future"

“Pylon dining table combines a hand welded black steel rod base and a smoked glass top"

Illuminating Lights

“One of the most identifiable Tom Dixon products, inspired by the famous space helmet, and by disco balls”

“Cut Mega is an extraordinary chandelier featuring six Cut Short and five Cut Tall pendants in a contemporary Chrome finish"

“An extraordinary floor chandelier, featuring three Melt Mini shades and four Melt shades in a modern gold finish"

Coffee table talk!

"Flash Square table becomes flashier with a Primavera table top paired with a chrome base"

“Originally a dramatic and sculptural take on a British design classic, Fan is available as a high back chair, dining chair, stool and table"

“A simple, sleek table for all occasions, Tube is a versatile and elegant table base made from brass plated tubing creating a sophisticated sturdy table component"

Must have accessories

“A nest of five delicate dishes formed hand from fine sheets of brass and finished with a warm gold wash"

“Swirl Cone is a candle holder with a distinct silhouette, colouration and personality"

“Characterised by a hand painted copper band, Tank takes its sculptural cue from the functional shapes and volumes of scientific glassware”


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