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"I'm only helpless when my nails are drying"

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

We’ve missed the nail shops a huge amount during lock down, but they’re back and better than ever before.....during these dull times, the nail technicians have seriously upped their game giving us creative and colourful vibes of nail art. Anything to polish up your life!

We’re seeing these colourful nails everywhere, from different shapes to rainbows, pastel colours and watermelons.

The Lifestyle Guide is giving you the latest trends you should try out next time you visit your salon, life is too short for boring nails.


Step aside the classic French manicure, us Brits are here for the coloured tips.. Multi coloured?

Even better!


The pastel colours are still on trend which we’re obsessed with..


And if you’re just dreaming of being on holiday, and want the world on your fingertips then go for something completely extra..


So where can you get these amazing nails done? Below is our top British nail shops that we’d recommend.

On every major corner across London (Mayfair, Marylebone, Belgravia, Oxford Circus, Battersea & Clapham)

Nail’d is well known for its iconic flower wall and instagramable features. Think.. floral, women empowerment, champagne and beautiful nail art.


Based in the heart of Glasgow, they pride themselves in badass nail skills, amazing customer service and good vibes.


This Birmingham based showstopper is for the ultimate nail bosses. They create iconic, bright, colourful paws with the coolest nail art - we love it!


And if you want to create these insane designs yourself, we’d recommend buying products from The Gel Bottle or Nails Inc. They're both Beautifully British favourites!

The LfieStyle Guide LOVES Nails Inc

A homegrown, British nail brand that is 100% cruelty free plus have Vegan options too!

The Gel Bottle, they have 400+ colours, vegan friendly and based in the UK


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