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Honeywell Biscuits

With Rebecca Honeywell-Ward


Honeywell Biscuit Co. was set up in 2012 at the kitchen table over a cuppa and, you guessed it, a biscuit. Since then they've grown to a happy team of twenty bakers and counting. All are self-confessed baking connoisseurs, with a cookie-cutter obsession and a mission to bring creative baking to everyone. Baking is a great British institution, nothing is as satisfying as a good biscuit or cake after all! The business is a Living Wage employer, committed to paying the National Living Wage as a minimum for all of their team members.


The next addition to our Women's Day celebration of "Women In Business" is Rebecca Honeywell,

founder of Honeywell Biscuit Co.

This incredible confectionary business is bringing the art of baking to our doorsteps with innovative concepts like "letterbox baking kist". Their business approach is one to be incredibly proud of particularly with their innovative, sustainable and ethical business model.

We hope you have a cuppa ready for this quickfire Q&A with Rebecca...

What or when was your “ah ha” moment that led you to starting your business?

It started slowly and quite organically, from an idea to bring creative baking to the market. The idea was always that it would be delivered via post so that we could reach a wider market. We quickly narrowed the offering to just biscuits, which were easily posted, and very versatile in terms of decoration. In 2018, we acquired a baking kit and subscription business. We still have a mission to bring creative baking to everyone, in an environmentally and socially conscious way.

How do you motivate yourself when you’re having a bad day?

I've learnt that life is about ebb and flow. If I have an off day, I try to let myself rest and do easy tasks. I might also read a book or go for a walk. That way I can clear my head and see what is most important.

How do you celebrate a win or a successful pitch / sale / contract / tender etc?

Usually with a bottle of bubbly and a meal with my husband!

Talk us through your morning routine?

I am not a morning person! I usually hit snooze a few times. Once up, I feed the animals (ducks, chickens, rabbits, cat and dog!), and head to work. I usually have a coffee and banana once there, and crack on with the tasks of the day once I've had a chat with the team.

Coffee … Decaf or full on?

Full on - with lots of frothy milk!

Cocktails or Champagne or AF?

Cocktails, please!

Best book / podcast recommendation for aspiring women entrepreneurs?

I do love Holly Tucker's Conversations of Inspiration. I can't fail to be inspired when I listen! I also love the book Patagonia. It's a brilliant manual for how to do business in a better way.

Where do you see your brand / business in the next 2 years? – new markets, new products, new locations etc?

We always have lots of ideas, so there will definitely be new products. The main changes will probably be behind the scenes; we are moving to a new, custom-built building this year, and are working on our tech to make the customer experience better.

What would be the single best piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Learn when to be a perfectionist and when to let it go. Holding on to perfectionism when it's not important only makes life stressful.


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