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Don't give up the date nights..❤❤❤

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Date Night Ideas in! Date night during covid

It's the month of romance ! Love is in the air and if you're living with your significant other and you miss the fun, laughter and excitement that a date night brings, why not try some of these ideas! It beats binging on Netflix every night - although not a bad option!!


Let's take a look at what it's all about.....

Whether you’re stoking the fires of love, looking to create a date-night spark, or sharingan enchanted evening with an old flame, Cocktails by Candlelight is a fun and totally unique evening enjoyed in your own kitchen...

The concept:

Treat yourself and the light of your life (LOVE) to a magical evening of star-crossed candle-making & cocktail shaking.

Their principles:

All candles are Vegan! Cruelty-Free! AND Non Toxic!

PLUS every single part of their packaging is recyclable.

All cocktails are Vegan too with full allergen information available and supplied in recycled glass jars.

Now that's a huge amount of ticking in our boxes!

How to order:

Cocktails By Candlelight Experience for 2

£ 40 (including free delivery) Contains 4 cocktails & materials for 2 candles

Cocktails By Candlelight Experience for 1

£21 (including free delivery) Contains 2 cocktails & materials for 1 candle



A romantic sharing dish whether you prefer sweet or savoury!

Sweet: Chocolate Fondue, dip in Strawberries, Marshmallows, Bananas, Mini Pretzels

Savoury: Cheese Fondue, dip in Crusty Bread, Gherkins, Cured Meats, Apple Slices


Build a Fort

Fun & Surprise Factor! Get out all your blankets, sheets, pillows and sofa cushions and build a fort in your living room.

TIP: Utilise chairs for height and books to anchor down the edges.


Cooking together is something that you can enjoy doing and reap the benefits after with a gorgeous homemade meal. Something to make you feel really accomplished! Light some candles at the dinner table and dim the lights for the full experience.


Cocktail Taste Test

Take it in turns creating your own signature cocktail with a concoction of your favourite spirits, mixers and flavours. Rate each others drinks out of 10 and keep the recipes which make the cut!


Movie Night

Movie marathon at home! Essentials are lights off, snacks at the ready and a pick of your favourite throwback films which bring you back to your childhood.

Don't forget the snacks!


Write a Bucket List

This is a great way to learn about your partner's passions and future ambitions and can set off great conversations, helping you discover more about your loved one. Some options are to make a list or mood board on your laptop or go the extra step and write your goals down on paper!


Games Night

We all love a good old fashioned games night!

Here are some suggestions:


Spa Night

Run a bubble bath, light a candle and apply face masks on each other! A great way to relax and rejuvenate. Finish off the evening with taking it in turns to give your partner a massage, that’s what we think is the perfect pamper night!


Get Crafty

The options are endless with this!

Our favourite ones are:

- Bring a bottle of wine and get painting together.

- Reenact the pottery scene in Ghost with a clay kit.

- Get folding with the cutest origami set


Couples Workout

Get your heart pumping and do a fun couples workout together! Youtube has so many to choose from, here are our top picks:




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