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Introducing: Cocktails By Candlelight & Giveaway

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A year indoors has left even the most creative couples in search of engaging new dating experiences at home- Cocktails by Candlelight is the perfect antidote.





We have the most awesome prize worth £40 to give away from @cocktailsbycandlelight

This gorgeous kit contains everything you need for a unique evening for two! Shake up four fabulous cocktails of your choice and make your own deliciously scented coconut wax candles from scratch! Swipe to see what’s up for grabs


Treat yourself and the light of your life to a magical evening of star-crossed candle-making & cocktail shaking.

Perfect for Valentines/Galentines/Valentine's Day, Cocktails by Candlelight kits contains

all you need to whip up four perfect date-night cocktails, before getting messy & learning

to make your own zodiac-inspired candles.

The creative minds behind London’s most immersive cocktail bars have designed 12

star-crossed cocktails- fully vegan, long-lasting, and all available in alcoholic and

alcohol-free versions. Developed using premium alcohol-free spirits including Fluere AF,

Gnista Barrelled Oak & Wilfred’s Aperitif, these delicious AF drinks are the perfect

company for a night by candlelight.

Taking inspiration from the stars, their candle crew have blended 12 astrologically-aligned

candle fragrances- perfectly matched to scents that best resonate with well-known

zodiac personality traits. Cancer’s Hermit Energy candle celebrates the joys of ‘pajama

day every day’ with a zesty Cucumber Melon fragrance, whilst Leo’s Go Off, King candle

brings a fresh Palm Garden fragrance for those leaders itching to get back out in the


Choose candles based on your vibes, the vibes of your ideal match, or just whichever of

the bold, playful designs speak to you across the cosmos.


They use only real coconut wax, which is vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic, as well as

making amazing scented candles!. Their fragrance oils are all vegan, cruelty-free, and free

of CMR and Phthalates- dangerous chemicals often found in cheaper fragrances. Our wicks are ECO cotton and sustainable. Every part of their packaging is recyclable, and all of our cocktails are vegan, with full allergen information available.

How it works:

You’ll be invited to build your ideal experience kit for two- selecting two candles and four

cocktails, supplied in recycled glass jars. You’ll also get fresh citrus and garnishes for the

cocktails, eco-wicks, wick holders, vegan coconut wax, 2 fragrance oils, candle labels and

instructions for a perfect Cocktails By Candlelight evening.

Delivered directly to your door and accompanied by a fiery Spotify playlist of hot hits and

classic slow burners, you’ll get in the mood by squeezing your lemons and shaking up

some world-class cocktails using tools from the kitchen. Try the Meltdown Martini, with

Russian Standard Vodka, Aperol, lemon curd, vanilla & passionfruit, or the Alcohol-Free

Spicy Watermelon Margarita, with Fleure AF Smoked Agave, Watermelon, Lime &


Once the drinks are flowing, you’ll be melting coconut wax and blending chosen

fragrances before carefully constructing your vegan, cruelty-free candles. Crank up the

tunes, compare your handiwork with your partner, rate your compatibility based on each

other’s choices, or perhaps get creative and think of other ways to use hot wax by


Individual kits with one candle and two cocktails are also available as a perfect lockdown

self-care evening. Solo kits can also be ordered to different addresses for a co-ordinated

virtual date or group session with your pals.

Whether you’re stoking the fires of love, looking to create a date-night spark, or sharing

an enchanted evening with an old flame, Cocktails by Candlelight is a fun and totally unique evening enjoyed in your own kitchen...


Cocktails By Candlelight Experience for 2 - £ 40 (including free delivery)

Contains 4 cocktails & materials for 2 candles

Cocktails By Candlelight Experience for 1 - £21 (including free delivery)

Contains 2 cocktails & materials for 1 candle

How to order: Visit their website!



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