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Don't Forget The Stocking Fillers For Your Furry Friends!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

We love to treat our pets, they’re just the cutest little creatures and they deserve even more attention at Christmas just for being them. Whilst it is probably true that most pets would be happy with the stocking itself (empty) to chew, tug or climb inside, we will still fill them with treats and presents anyway, and hopefully this year they notice and appreciate the trouble we have gone to and money we have spent on them. If not we will continue to love them either way.

They have indulged so far this month already with our fabulous choice of advent calendars (see our blog on Pet Advent Calendars) and that’s before we have whipped them up their own miniature roast from the trimmings of our Christmas dinner for later on. Still, we want to see there happy little faces on Christmas morning as they hastily tear and rip through our perfectly wrapped treats. Here is our selection of the best ready-made stockings for pets and our advice on creating your own!


Create Your Own

Depending on whether you have a furry, fluffy or feathery friend. Here are the essential things you will need to create your own Christmas stocking for your pets from scratch (pardon the pun):

  • Personalised Stocking

  • Treats

  • Toys

  • Treats

  • Accessories

  • Something Practical

  • More Treats


Reuse them every year if they don’t get eaten. Head to Not On The High Street for a personalised stocking for your pet. How cute is this paw-shaped one, you can also change the bow design, to be decorated with either bones or the fishes.


Include their favourite snack or something extra special to neatly tuck away in their stocking. The Crunchy Christmas Bakes from are festive and delicious (apparently, we haven’t tried them) or we know your cat would definitely appreciate Dreamies Tantalising Turkey Treats.


A toy can keep your pet entertained for hours. It can be something really simple, or something that was not even intended to be toys in the first place (we’re talking about socks). We know for a fact both you and your cat will love this Laser Pen keyring or this Christmas Sprout Tugger Squeaky Plush may help your dog lay off your socks for a while.


It could be something for them to wear or perhaps a new item for them to use in their cage to jazz things up a bit. We love this adorable cheeky Christmas bandana for your pooch, or if you have a pet bird, perhaps a new Spiral Perch for them to sit on.


Ok, this present is more for you but it benefits them in some way too. To help with general love and care for your pet add something helpful such as a replacement of an item that’s recently been destroyed or broken such as this fancy new Personalised Name Tag.


Or if you prefer something ready-made:

Pets at Home Christmas 10 Piece Rabbit Stocking - Have a happy rabbit with this 10 piece selection. Also suitable for many other small creatures.

Dreamies Christmas Stocking Cat Treats - If you have a cat you know, they do anything for Dreamies. Treat them to this ultimate feast of their top flavours for your angel.

Pets at Home Christmas 6 Piece Toys and Treats Festive Dog Stocking - A mix of toys and treats what’s not to love.

Pets at Home Christmas Festive Tree Forage Box Small Animal Treats - Not technically a stocking, but this forage tree is a great idea for your small pet to join in on the festivities.


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