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Detox Face Mask Recipes To Make At Home

DIY is not usually our sort of thing but when it comes to creating our own face masks this is something we get excited about. Making our own face masks takes us right back to being a child and making potions and concoctions out of anything we could find. As we are staying indoors right now, it's time to raid the kitchen cupboards for anything we can find that we can add to the mix.

Our skin is a very sensitive thing so we need to pick some natural ingredients that are not going to spark a reaction and bring us up in a rash. Start by having a think about what it is your skin might be lacking and what it needs most. Could it be that it is feeling a little dry with the colder weather or perhaps it just needs an extra boost of TLC? Once you have decided, then it's time to make your potion.

Here are some basic ideas for you to follow when creating your own!


Recipe Ideas

For Hydration = Cucumber, Honey & Oats

For Acne-prone Skin = Honey, Cinnamon & Lemon

For Oily Skin = Avocado, Turmeric & Aloe Vera

For Brightening = Tomato & Yoghurt

For Moisturising = Yoghurt & Honey & Oats

For Sensitive Skin = Yoghurt, Honey & Cocoa Powder

For That Glow = Strawberries & Orange Juice

Why not have a go at making your own and let us know what you come up with by tagging us on Instagram @lifestyleguidenews ! Or if you just want an instant mask ready to use check our top picks over on the blog 'The other type of face mask.....pamper your way through lockdown'


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