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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

There is a brand revolutionizing the sports trend in men’s fashion

The name “The Untouchables” may insinuate the unreachable, however, far from it! This fashion brand is making a name for itself in the market and has become a truly desired brand. The phenomenon is so, that celebrities such as footballers and tennis players, television personalities, gamers, DJ’s, musicians and even famous chefs and bikers have the fashion label on their list of ´must haves´ for their wardrobes. Their signature designs are like pieces of art, converting them into an exclusive clothing brand but more importantly authentic.

To understand how this brand came about we go behind the scenes and find the man responsible for these unique creations. THE UNTOUCHABLES brand was born on November 15, 2016, in Valencia Spain. A ´Made in Spain´ project keeping the values of an ethical clothing company long before it became a trend.

A personal creative project by Carlos Sáez, who has lived and breathed denim since he can remember. Second eldest of 5 brothers and sisters his beginnings were humble where as a young boy he spent his Saturdays working in the family business, unloading and loading boxes of jeans. He remembers the smell of denim knowing that it was where he wanted to be. At 18 he started integrating working in the family company Lois Jeans while studying marketing at University. He spent 5 years in the family company and learnt every process from the ground up from yarns, processes, washes, etc to sales and then managing export executive accounts. In 1998 he decided to separate from the family business to pursue his own projects however with no real clear direction.

After spending years representing various brands in sales and even a few attempts at developing his own co-partnered brand, nothing clicked. Then one sleepless night, tossing and turning he came up with the perfect name “The Untouchables.” Those closest to him were not convinced of the name or the project which only made him even more determined. His gut was telling him that this felt right and there was born the brand...


It´s luxury sportswear with visually eclectic designs customized with details such as studs, rhinestones, culturally iconic images and cleverly added textile features to make each item look unique. All this on basic sports pieces such a t-shirt, sweatshirts, jeans, caps and sneakers and also on other accessories such as bags and bathers, with projects to develop other pieces.

THE UNTOUCHABLES brand dresses a man with personality, cosmopolitan and at the same time sophisticated who doesn´t sacrifice his own individual values or style. The logo includes the words ´Hanker Sore´ a raw statement in itself where it´s meaning ´A person so attractive it actually kind of pisses you off´ (the literal definition from the Urban dictionary) refers to, as Carlos described, being attractive and individual in oneself and believe in your uniqueness following your OWN sense of style. In other words, live to be different!!!

Written by: Diana Seston

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