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5 Wellness Podcasts To Help You Live Your Very Best Life

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Wellness is doing things every day that promote living a physically, mentally and emotionally healthy lifestyle. It’s basically you but your best possible version, ‘living your best life’ as we say. It’s a way of enhancing your overall performance to ensure you are fulfilling the day.

You can carry out wellness in all sorts of environments from the minute you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Obvious ways to do this include improve on nutritional diet and performing an exercise. But one of the easiest ways to practice wellness is through listening to others, be that to teachers, experts or doctors. Listening to podcasts can help you understand the importance of wellness and help you live a healthy and happy life wherever you may be.

We have all taken a massive hit in some way or another this year and so health and wellness are more important than ever (hence why The Lifestyle Guide brings you a whole section of magazine content on it!). So we wanted to share some wellness podcasts with you for you to take a moment and help make your day a whole lot better.


Adrienne Herbert interviews creatives, athletes and innovators in this motivational podcast that will have you raring to go. Getting to know their daily routines and tips will help you mold your own schedule and Adrienne herself will hopefully rub off her energy on you leaving you feeling enthusiastic for the day ahead.


Dr. Chatterjee projects that if you feel better, you live more. We all know when we're feeling an ache or pain it instantly reflects in our mood and he wants to change the way we look at illness and bring back that skip in our step. If we act on this we can prevent future illness and disease which is what the doctor ordered.


Changing our habits can positively affect our lives. Gretchen Rubin shares her thought-provoking techniques, stories and advice for you to adapt to your everyday life as best suit you. Allowing you to live more creatively, productively and healthily.


Ella Mills welcomes business, health and nutritional experts to the podcast promoting positivity and mindfulness. The foodie touches on topics around nutrition and its importance on health and wellness but also discusses how to live well overall whilst living a busy life.


Their website has everything, from podcasts on meditation to diet which all contribute to supporting your healthy mind. Put together by the charity Mental Health Foundation, it guides you towards learning how to be your very best self and live well.


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