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Zombie Experiences whaaaaaat?

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

This is definitely for the brave.

The UK has some of the best zombie experiences internationally and we seem to love them. From new themed escape rooms opening all the time to the experiences themselves getting more ridiculous and even more scary. We don’t just hang out at bars anymore we crave interactive and immersive days out and this has led us to find ‘fun’ in realistic apocalyptic scenarios.

We can’t help but think how much fun it would be to have a job as a full time zombie, but there is such thing and they are very very good at it whether it came naturally or was something they learned on the job we are unsure. In the month of Halloween barriers seem to be dropped as they up their game with the jumps and scares.

There are immersive horror experiences set in apocalyptic worlds with actors and storylines guiding you through. Your adrenaline is set to be pumping throughout in the different settings in VR and escape rooms to our least favourite the overnight zombie forest survival, no thank you.

Find out all the different things to do for the fearless!


Location: London

You will be under immense pressure already in this escape room but to make things worse you're trapped with a zombie whose chains are being released further every 5 minutes. If you don’t work smart enough you will be eaten.

Location: London Bridge

Instead of fighting zombies why not become one? A couples experience like no other join in on the live action and scare the living daylights out of unsuspecting tourists at The London Bridge Experience and Tombs. A professional will help you look the part and it also includes a 2 course lunch (we promise it’s not human flesh).

Location: Basingstoke

We love how realistic this sounds. Our shopping experiences will never be the same again. This immersive horror experience is set in an old, abandoned shopping mall, you are part of the veteran zombie team fighting against the apocalypse breakout with limited resources. Good luck.

Location: North Greenwich

A horrible take on the usual laser tag. The experience promises an action packed fun in this military style bunker with thrown in live actors and zombies as you embark on the ultimate fight against the undead.

Location: London

How about this event? You would be completely freaked out if you walked down the street only to see a herd of zombies stumbling towards you on a Saturday night in Central London. But as we say if you can’t beat them join them.

Location: Various UK Locations

This one might seem too close to home, with the storyline being based on a virus outbreak and gives us constant reminders of quarantining its victims. This immersive theatrical production has pulled out all the stops to make this the most gruesome and haunting experience. You’ll need strength, speed and intelligence as well as a strong stomach.

Location: Nottingham

We know a zombie apocalypse is inevitable so why are we not preparing? This lot has it sorted with a session of weaponry training learning how to take out the zombies with rifles, axes and crossbows and be everyone's favourite survivor.

Thrill-seekers haven filled with roller-coasters and zombies. Both top theme parks host their own events over the Halloween period introducing us to a whole new take on scare mazes. Expect to be on edge the whole day as they come out from everywhere to frighten you at any moment.

Location: Various UK Locations

If live actors are not for you then perhaps a virtual reality experience may be your thing. Control your movements inside the virtual undead arena as you take on zombies from every angle. Set in a retro 80’s game show when you are the stars of a post-apocalyptic world the winner gets rich and the loser gets eaten. With this one, you really have to see it to believe it.

Location: Worcestershire

Train how to be the zombified best in class before your released into society to cause mayhem. You will learn how to talk the talk (spit, gurgle and splutter) and walk the walk (limp, crawl and stumble) and will also be made up to look the part too.

Location: Nottingham

We are not sure how we feel about this. The idea of staying overnight in a forest comes with its own frights let alone the fear of zombies lurking in the darkness, we imagine there is no sleeping involved. Set in 25 acres of forest and further obstacles such as tanks and trenches to overcome, this is one for the experts.


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