Updated: 5 days ago

With the recent, and certainly exciting, update that the most highly anticipated "London sporting event" of the year is FIRMLY BACK ON, albeit with limited capacities at this stage. However there should be a big announcement about maximum capacities in just over a month where we will know just how many spectators will be permitted (we're hoping to stay on course for all restriction to be lifted but we'll certainly keep you posted!)

To celebrate this little win, we wanted to remind you about why we all love The Championships so much and the fun facts that surround this spectacular event!

(dates - 28 JUNE TO 11 JULY 2021)

So! Did you know.....

🎾 OVER 500,000 people attended Wimbledon in 2019 across 13 days, that's the second-highest attendance rate in Wimbledon history.

🎾It would take 290 million tennis balls to fill the centre court with the roof closed.

🎾191,930 portions of grade 1 Kent strawberries are served each year (minimum of 10 strawberries per portion, meaning around 2 million strawberries)

🎾 276,291 glasses of Pimms are consumed each year

🎾Every year 54,250 Slazenger balls are prepared, all stored at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

🎾Champions stringing team (yes its a thing), string over 2,000 rackets each year, comprising of 60% for men and 40% for women which is over 40 miles of string.

🎾There are around 250 ball boys and ball girls from over 1,000 entries that come from a rigorous training routine.