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Who Has The Most Instagram Followers In The World Right Now?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

We live in a world we Insta influencers can make or break a brand! Have you ever wondered who are the top 10 followed accounts on Insta right now?

Well, wonder NO MORE! We are loving number 4!

From the latest report as of January 2021 published on 1st February 2021, the figures show these Instagram accounts have the most followers worldwide and therefore the most influential on this particular social platform.


1. Official Instagram (@instagram) - 385 Million


2. Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) - 259 Million


3. Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) - 219 Million


4. Dwayne Johnson (@therock) - 215 Million


5. Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) - 213 Million


6. Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) - 207 Million


7. Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) - 203 Million


8. Leo Messi (@leomessi) -181 Million


9. Beyonce Knowles (@beyonce) -164 Million


10. Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) -161 Million


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