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Who Delivers What? A Guide To UK Takeaway Delivery Services!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

We are ALL about the takeaway delivery to break up the week!

Whether it's a Friday night thing or a hump-day Wednesday treat, here's a handy rundown of who delivers what to make sure you get the best mealtime satisfaction. From Michelin-star restaurants to the local chippy, you can really have it all with these expert delivery services at your fingertips!



Launched by International Taxi service Uber, the versatile food delivery and takeaway brand allows you to order from the app platform and can be with you in as little as 10 minutes!

Serving small takeaways to bigger names, and not just food you can even get a costa coffee and your groceries too!


Delivering meals and food from restaurants with a focus on quality, serving mainly respectable, well-reviewed places and offering a better experience overall, therefore a more upmarket delivery service.


If you fancy getting more hands-on with your mealtime, check out some of the kits available on this one site, sourced from some of the best restaurants.

Delivering their signature dishes ingredients for you to try and make yourself at home. Check out some of our top DIY Meal Kits on our blog here.


One of our faves! London's finest restaurants and hotels are now fully accessible for delivery to your doorstep.

We're talking about amazing places such as The Grill at The Dorchester, delicacies from the Fortnum & Mason’s Food Hall and most of the 5-star restaurants of Mayfair.


In 65 major cities and covering over 90 areas, it is one of the largest delivery services in the UK.

They work to deliver the main fast-food chains including, Burger King, Mcdonalds and KFC.


Not a delivery service, but one to look out for post-lockdown. The latest and easiest way to book a table at a restaurant without the faff. Powered by Tripadvisor.


Are you a midnight feaster? One for night owls..... Feast is London’s overnight delivery service keeping you going from 8:00 am to 5:00 am the following morning.

Working with the best 24-hour restaurants serving you delicious pizza, Chinese, burgers and more.


An online ordering service that connects you to over 30,000 food delivery and takeaway locations. From local independently run businesses to huge chains such as Mcdonalds. Actively running around the majority of the UK and covers the largest area but doesn’t offer the service for non-delivery food chains as they utilise the restaurants own delivery drivers rather than use their own.


Or Order Direct

If you know exactly what you're craving, you can always go directly to the restaurant especially for any smaller local spots, as you then can ensure they get the most profit from your order and supporting local is always a great thing to do! They usually have special offers too - so don't be afraid to ask.


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