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What CAN we do during Oktoberfest?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Don't fear! There are still a few things that you can do to celebrate the one and only Oktoberfest this year!

Oktoberfest originates from Munich in Germany and as you probably guessed takes place in the month of October. The event is the world’s largest Volksfest, a festival of beer and wine combined with a travelling funfair, with approximately 6 million visitors attending each year. The celebration began to commemorate a royal wedding in 1810 has been an annual spectacle ever since. The following year the festival became a public event and was aimed more at promoting Bavarian agriculture.

Fans of the festival brought the idea to various other locations and it now takes place all across the UK throughout the month. We also tend to model the German-style celebrations in other occasions such as our Christmas markets. The festival is held in huge tents and set up with long benches that are encouraged to be danced upon rather than sat at. Usually incorporating German cuisine and entertainment, you will find a bratwurst stall on every corner as well as a traditional oompah-oompah band sounding through the night and during the festival you can expect over 7 million litres of beer to be consumed over a 2 week period. Oh and we advise you dress up in the finest Bavarian attire be that lederhosen or a dirndl!


LONDON, Oktoberfest@home

This year, the popular London Oktoberfest brings us Oktoberfest@home instead!

Stock up on kegs and all the authentic decor you will need which you can find on their online store. Create your own lively atmosphere and dress the family and pets up in fancy costumes


Book a table for up to 6 and choose from afternoon or evening tickets. If you are feeling brave go for the front row options (but expect to be covered in beer). They promise the bierhalle to be filled with favourite flavours and delicacies such as Würstl, Sauerkraut, Pretzel, Spätzle, Schnitzel, Schweinshaxe, Schweinebraten, Steckerlfisch, Knödel, Käsespätzle and much more!

Try ordering one of those after a beer!


Run by German car specialist Volkswagen, this ‘adventure’ is a weekend camping experience for the lovers of the outdoors. They request you pack the camping essentials including wetsuits, wellies and mountain bikes (we assume not as much ‘bier’ will be consumed beforehand). This one is for the whole family and is a variance on the traditional celebration with activities such as zip wires and zorbing along the river.


German themed entertainment alongside thrilling theme rides included in the price of the usual park ticket.

Bringing the funfair aspect of the tradition to the extreme. A host of Bavarian family fun and delicious food to enjoy.


A modern twist on the traditional event, they will be combining the live brass bands with their resident DJ’s who will be playing a mash-up of usual club hits.

The music will be bringing a lively atmosphere and teamed with endless steins you will be set for your Saturday night.


The Market has launched their own version of the festival with six local breweries taking part, they include New Barns.

Barney’s Beer, Campervan, Bellfield, Edinburgh Beer Factory and Pilot. There will be street food available too.


Experience the world famous Bavarian Festival in the heart of central London. The capital is the UK’s biggest host of Oktoberfrest in the UK with over 50,000 guests each year!

The long standing tradition is one of London’s favourite celebrations with Live Bands providing entertainment, Giant Steins and plenty of Brutwurst and Shnitzel to soak them up! It’s impossible not to have a good time!


Local Breweries

Check out local breweries in your area who may be celebrating the festival in some way and they would definitely value your support after a tricky few months such as the Star Wing Brewery in Suffolk.


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