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We Are Days Away From The Launch of Britain’s Biggest Beer Hall

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

It’s here. Our new 'go to' drinking spot. See you all there!


The Truman's Social Club

What we well and truly need to adapt to our current way of life is space and lots of it. Now in the form of this huge beer hall and food market, we have so much space to play around in. There are 26,000 feet of it to be exact, meaning we can do our favourite thing, socialising, in this safe open environment

Opening on the 29th of October The Truman's Social Club and our new meeting hub will launch on Blackhorse Lane in Walthamstow, around the corner from the Truman's head office. You may think the name sounds familiar, well you’re right. You have probably been to their amazing beer garden in Walthamstow too, which was the hot social spot of the summer. This is their next and best project taking us nicely into in the winter with a covered hangout.

Truman’s own brews and guest breweries will be pouring the pints, keeping things fresh and allowing you to try new flavours. As well as massive amounts of beer consumption, space will also be used to host events such as live music, film nights and community run projects to celebrate the local history and heritage. Plus a rotation of East London caterers, providing the best Street Food options around.

Expect a return of the much missed buzzy atmosphere we have been craving from social spaces. With the venue opening in covid times, it is well equipped and designed with social distancing in mind and has put in every thought to ensure the safety of guests and staff ready for opening its doors. The space will ooze good vibes and has room for up to 700 punters in groups of up to 6, making it the UK’s largest beer hall.


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